Beautiful, long, and curled eyelashes are the setting of the eyes that every woman dreams of. Unfortunately, mother nature often writes other scenarios. The lashes are usually weak and thin. However, global beauty brands provide opportunities to change this. Nanolash Lash Lift Kit is a real revolution. What is worth knowing about it?

What is the Nanolash Lift Kit used for?

Daily eyelash makeup and curling them with an eyelash curler takes a lot of time. Usually, you are in a hurry to get ready to go out, and your eyelashes still do not want to curl and look beautiful. Successive coats of mascara make the eyelashes start to stick together and get covered with clumps. It turns out you need Nanolash Lash Lift Kit to change this state of affairs completely.

This is a set for laminating eyelashes at home. Although it is completely professional, it can be used by anyone. As the name suggests, this lash lift kit allows you to carry out the treatment in the comfort of your own home. While this may sound unrealistic at first, it is entirely possible.

The Nanolash brand needs no introduction to anyone. For many years now, this brand has been a leader in premium products for eyelash styling and care. That’s why the Nanolash Lift Kit product has quickly gained the favor of many women who have decided to take a step towards beautiful and healthy eyelashes.

What is included in the Nanolash Lash Lift Kit?

The lash lamination kit from Nanolash is a premium professional quality product. It contains everything necessary to perform the treatment at home. The most important elements of the kit include the products:

  • Lift – Step 1;
  • Fix – Step 2;
  • Keratin Booster – Step 3.

They are based on natural ingredients such as avocado oil and grape seed oil combined with vitamins. They penetrate the structure of the eyelashes and deeply regenerate them. In addition, each formula comes in a 0.5 milliliter sachet. The package contains 10 sachets of each product, which allows you to perform 10 eyelash laminations.

In addition, the kit is complemented by 3 pairs of silicone rods in 3 sizes – they help shape the curl, Lash Lift Glue with a capacity of 5 milliliters and other accessories.

First lash lift with Nanolash Lift Kit – how to perform it?

The lash lift kit from Nanolash comes with instructions. If you are performing lash lamination for the first time, you should follow the instructions. It is necessary to:

  • clean the eyelashes from the residue of makeup products;
  • separate the top and bottom eyelashes with special eye pads;
  • attach silicone rods to the upper eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.

Next, you can proceed to apply the products. They are marked with numbers, so their application should be done in a predetermined order. Each of them should remain on the eyelashes for 7-10 minutes. After that, the layer must be removed and another one can be applied.

The final step is to remove the rods. From this point, you can admire the spectacular results that are achievable with the Nanolash Lift Kit. The lashes will immediately look longer, thicker, and will be beautifully curled. Their condition will also improve. They will be flexible and nourished. The whole effect – depending on the initial condition of the eyelashes – can last for up to 8 weeks.

lash lift at home

Nanolash Lash Lift Lit – hit or miss?

Like every product from Nanolash, the eyelash lift kit is an absolute hit and an innovation in lash care and styling. Every woman can take advantage of this kit and ensure an amazing look of her eyelashes for as long as 8 weeks.

It’s time to forget about the eyelash curler and the time spent on lash makeup. Nanolash Lift Kit lengthens, thickens, curls and regenerates the lashes, and the effects can last up to 8 weeks. It’s worth experiencing it for yourself.