Indeed, there are plenty of ways enabling you to make your eyes look as if they were bigger and prettier. Give a try to colourful eyeliners, a concealer of proper shade, or an eye pencil. However, if you’ve already put all of them to test and none passed, then read the article. Surely, you’ll find here some clever ideas to toy with.


Wrinkles, sagging and dark circles under eyes make you look as if you were sick, tired or dowdy. Indeed, it’s hard to camouflage them even when using professional colour cosmetics. However, if you really care for having smooth and beautiful skin, give a go to a few easy-to-follow tricks. For example, visit a drug store and buy a gel pads soaked with collagen. These are good at smoothing skin around eyes. Additionally, equally impressive results are produced by roll-on cosmetics that feature metal massagers. All you have to do is put such a product into a refrigerator, keep it there for a few minutes and then apply it onto your cleansed face. You wouldn’t believe the results you’re going to achieve!



Remove unwanted hair of your eyebrows and shape them so as to make your eyes look bigger. Obviously, get rid of all the hair that has grew out above or below your arch bone. Do you know that you can trim the eyebrows? To do this, use a small comb and scissors that are an element of a manicure set. Comb the hair upwards and then trim. Remember to match the shape of the eyebrows to your eye size and face shape. When there are hair gaps in your arch bone, fill them with an eye/eyebrow pencil, special eyebrows shadows or an eyelash and eyebrow growth serum. Set the hair using a special eyebrow gel.


By now, you’ve probably noticed that dark circles under your eyes make it look optically smaller, and you look fatigued. How to get rid of them? Apply a concealer of the right shade and then add a layer of a transparent powder. The point often overlooked is that a concealer you’re going to use should be of a tone lighter shade than your complexion and the foundation colour. How to apply a concealer in the right way? First and foremost, use just a small amount of the cosmetic and put it under your eyes, onto the place, where you can feel the bones creating socket for the eyes (a.k.a. orbit). Once you apply the concealer, blend it with other colour products using a brush or your fingertips.


In order to make the eyes look bigger, use an eyelash curler or a mascara carrying the very feature. There is one crucial piece of advice to follow. Namely, firstly use an eyelash curler, then you can follow with applying a mascara. Why this order is so important? The answer is simple. You’ll stain the eyelash curler and the eyelashes covered with mascara can stick to the item. Moreover, once eyelashes are loaded with a mascara, it would be very difficult to you to get the effect of longer and curled eyelashes. Yet another idea is replacing an eyelash curler and a mascara with the eyelash perm. This kind of a beauty procedure is recommended for all the rushed women and for those who don’t want to apply a mascara any longer.

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