Cleansing the skin and removing make-up are two big steps you must take to keep the face healthy and attractive. See how to do it correctly and what products to use. Find out what the Oil Cleansing Method involves.

Why should you cleanse the face and remove make-up?

Cleansing and taking make-up off are extremely important elements of daily skin-care routine, giving you plenty of benefits:

  • fresh, clean skin
  • unblocked, clear pores
  • moisturized, soft, smooth skin
  • reinforced protective mantle
  • alleviated inflammation
  • next steps give better and longer-lasting results

What happens if you don’t cleanse the skin or do it carelessly? See the consequences of lack of proper care:

  • sallow, dull, irritated skin.
  • damaged skin cells, disturbed collagen and elastin production leading to loss of plumpness and wrinkles (skin ages faster).
  • skin blemishes like acne, comedones.
  • face skin produces too much oil.
  • skin conditioning products give poorer results.

OCM, or oil cleansing method

OCM, or oil cleansing method, uses vegetable oils to wash the skin because they have a cleansing effect, repair the skin and reinforce its natural protective coating. If you want to try it, you need oil customized to your skin type and a carrier oil e.g. castor oil.

What to use for face cleansing?

You can use different products to cleanse the face and remove make-up.

  • products: micellar water, gel cleansers, soap bars or foams, pastes, balms, clays, cleansing powder.
  • accessories: bamboo cloth, brushes, Konjac sponge.

Note: you need to choose natural formulas and products customized to your needs and skin type. Mild products, free from detergents and synthetics, are perfectly enough.

Big rules for face cleansing

  1. Before you start, make sure your hands are clean.
  2. Use a paper towel for drying the face; don’t use towels you use for the body or hair.
  3. Gently yet thoroughly cleanse the face. Don’t rub it harshly with a towel or sponge to avoid irritations.
  4. Mix your cleanser with water before putting it on the face.
  5. Remember that removing make-up and cleansing the face are two different things.
  6. Always use a toner after cleansing to balance the skin’s pH.
  7. Cleanse the skin both in the AM and PM using natural products.

Face cleansing step by step

1. Face wash in the morning.

It aims to remove any dirt that have accumulated during the night so it’s not much and you don’t need strong washes. Gel, foam or micellar water work best.

A face toner or flower water is another and the last step of the morning cleansing routine. Use them to restore the proper pH and repair the natural protective barrier.

2. Face wash in the evening.

In the evening you need make-up removing and deep cleansing products. To remove make-up use one of the products: OCM oil, gel or micellar water.

Next, move on to cleansing the face thoroughly. You can use one of the products mentioned above yet different than the one used for taking make-up off. Last of all, apply some toner or flower water to keep the pH balance.

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