Proper brow care is no easy task, right? However, before you visit a specialist, reach for the right products that allow you to achieve the desired results without leaving home. Do you dream of thick and full arches? Are you tired of unwanted gaps that are hard to fill with a brow pen? We have a way for that! Try an effective eyebrow growth serum that will definitely improve their condition and make them shine!

We have created a ranking of the best eyebrow serums, the effect of which has already delighted a lot of women around the world. It’s possible that soon one of the products presented by us will help you achieve the desired results!


+ Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

best eyebrow serum

The easiest solution for women who wish to make their brows thicker. After just 30 days of using this eyebrow serum, your brow hairs will be up to twice as thick and look thicker and darker. The serum enhances natural beauty and gives eyebrows a shine you just can’t miss. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum is safe, efficient, and easy to apply to brows. It features a lightweight formula that doesn’t overburden brows. The formula enriched with soybean extract strengthens the follicles and provides regeneration. Baicalein extract stops hair loss, and arginine ensures the proper hydration of brow hairs. This brow serum strengthens the brows and makes them look polished and defined even without makeup. This serum facilitates getting rid of the problem of excessive hair loss. No more thinning brows and sparse areas thanks to Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum!

+ RapidBrow

A serum that’s rich in nourishing ingredients. Thanks to the apple fruit cell extract included in the formula of this eyebrow serum, the brows become nourished and properly moisturized. Keratin, biotin, and panthenol strengthen the eyebrows and help make them a bit thicker. The results of the serum should be noticeable after 60 days of using the product. The convenient brush-shaped applicator ensures quick application. With this eyebrow serum, the arches become healthier and naturally defined.

+ RevitaBrow Advanced

A brow serum that works well for owners of thin and sparse brows. The formula with calendula extract and green tea strengthens the eyebrows and makes the brows look healthier. This eyebrow serum helps deal with unwanted gaps and ensures they are filled in. The product can be used by people with sensitive skin. It’s free of allergens, silicones, paraffin, and phthalates. This brow serum stimulates hair growth and slows down the aging process.

+ M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum

A nourishing eyebrow growth serum that conditions the brows and provides deep hydration. The vegan formula of the product applies well and is silicone-free. The product helps delay the cycle of hair loss. The formula contains biotin and hyaluronic acid which ensure the brows grow faster and it is easier to get rid of unwanted gaps. The product does not leave a greasy finish and does not stick the hairs together. You can expect your arches to look visibly thicker after about 16 weeks.

+ GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

A brow growth serum that helps make the brows thicker and fuller. It contains no parabens and was not tested on animals. The product has been dermatologically tested. It is safe for sensitive eyes and delicate eye area. After 6-8 weeks of regular use of the eyebrow growth serum, you can expect your brows to look slightly thicker but to get the best results, you need to wait 4 months – that’s how long the treatment with this eyebrow serum takes. This product is suitable for thin and sparse eyebrows in need of strengthening. The formula contains precious minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The 4 biggest benefits of using an effective brow serum:

  1. Defined eyebrows with no unwanted gaps.
  2. Your eyebrow makeup looks better than before.
  3. Brow hairs fall out less and stop breaking.
  4. It’s easier to style the eyebrows and give them the desired shape.
brow serum ranking

Daily brow care can make you transform your look and fall in love with your arches all over again. By choosing the right product, there will be no need for appointments with a beautician and expensive treatments.

We hope that among the brow serums we presented, there is one that will impress with its results. Use it regularly, and soon you’ll be able to say goodbye to the problem of sparse eyebrows!