Revolution surrounding eyebrows, i.e. how British model changed view of this part of woman’s face. Cara Delevigne, because we are talking about her obviously, started the trend for more expressive and thick eyebrows at the very beginning of her career. Many women followed her steps and today we are collecting the results of it.

Eyebrows have to be well-taken care of. For a while now it became our obsession. We love underline, trim and condition them. Neglected and bushy or scooped out almost to the last hair brows are passé. And that is how appeared many problems we have not had to deal with before. Too fine, uneven, here and there some deficits or that brows are barely visible. As many problem this many solutions are necessary.

Leading brand of products for eyebrows is Benefit. They sale specialised cosmetics since first boutique of Jean and Jane Ford. Currently, all over the world are placed 1.7 thousands of BrowBars, i.e. spots focused exclusively on eyebrows. Benefit is an employer who hires the largest number of eyebrows specialists. It is hard not to trust such a brand.

Three years ago, Benefit Cosmetics set a goal for themselves to create such a collection of cosmetics, which would solve all problems concerning eyebrows. They achieved their goal and today you can choose out of many products matching eyebrows type, problem and colour. There is a wide gamut of shades to choose from, which eliminate possibility of bad choice. Applicators of all products are designed specially for large number of uses, and cosmetics formulas are safe and exceptionally effective. What will you find in Brow Collection from Benefit Cosmetics?

  • Gimme Brow – gel eliminating problem with lack of thickness,
  • Goof Proof Eye Pencil – super durable brow pencil,
  • Precisely, My Brow Pencil – eyebrow pencil with thin refill, ultra durable and easy in use,
  • High Brow and High Brow Glow – creamy highlighting pencil for blending,
  • Browvo! Conditioning Primer – eyebrow base, which provides nourishment and healthy brows,
  • Ka-Brow! – colour providing brows-stick with creamy-gel consistency,
  • 3D-Browtones – eyebrows highlighter ensuring subtle glow,
  • Brow Zings – set for eyebrows conditioning, precise cutters and brushes.

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