List of the Most Popular Eyelash Serums –

List of the Most Popular Eyelash Serums

Are you looking for an effective serum that will make your eyelashes long, thick and enhanced? Take a look at the profiles of the most popular eyelash serums to find out which one is the best.

Thin, barely there and falling out lashes pose a problem for many women. Naturally, there are a few solutions to help cope with this issue, yet the ultimate one is offered by eyelash serum. It delivers essential reinforcing and conditioning substances owing to which this beauty product is able to enhance natural beauty by gradually making eyelashes become longer, thicker and fuller looking day by day.

It is worth realising that not all eyelash serums are equally effective - we have listed the most popular by arranging them starting from the best and ending with the worst. Which one should you choose if you want to achieve quick and spectacular effects? Find out our number one: the eyelash serum recommended by professionals and highly-rated in consumer reviews.


nanolash-eyelash- serum

This is definitely the best eyelash serum. If you want your lashes to be long, thick and strong, you have to get this serum. Nanolash is one of women’s most frequently chosen products - including those who do makeup professionally. This is an eyelash serum used and recommended by thousands. Are you looking for the best eyelash serum? In this case, the price mirrors the quality; the effects are produced quickly and are long-lasting.

Nanolash eyelash serum is an excellent choice because it:

  • accelerates growth, strengthens and adds body to eyelashes thanks to a well-developed composition of the finest ingredients.
  • delivers immediate results because it takes 2-3 weeks for the serum to bring about the first effects, when the lashes stop falling out, become darker, replenished with water and lustrous.
  • is fast-absorbing, has a lightweight consistency and a precise applicator owing to which eyelash care takes no more than just a few seconds.


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Lashcode serum

An equally good eyelash serum is offered by Lashcode - a brand that launched one of the best mascara products on the market. Their eyelash serum was also developed for the demanding women who want to prepare their lashes for makeup. This is the only such serum able to bring out the natural beauty of the lashes by making them thicker, longer and darker. Lashcode is recognized for its high effectiveness and ease of use.

It is worth reaching for Lashcode eyelash serum because:

  • this is the finest selection of ingredients that improve the lashes and promote their growth.
  • it starts working from first use, day by day revealing the natural beauty hidden in the look.

Lashcode serum before after

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Another place in this ranking is taken by Lilash eyelash serum - although the effects it produces are satisfactory, they cannot be compared to the outcomes delivered by the top products. If you are looking for an eyelash serum that adds moisture, strengthens and nourishes, you can give Lilash a go. The convenient applicator and the bigger size of the product (4 ml) deserve recognition, which in fact should indicate a longer treatment.

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Another place in the ranking is taken by Quickmax eyelash serum. Although popular, it is not available in all countries. This serum contains conditioning substances, it moisturises and nourishes; also, it may slow down lash loss. The clear advantages are a convenient applicator and non-overburdening consistency which significantly increases the absorption rate.

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We have placed Rapidlash slightly lower in this ranking. This is an eyelash serum designed for the non-demanding user. It is a good choice for those who feel like exposing their lashes to delicate care and having them well-prepared for makeup - the product contains ingredients that nourish, moisturise and condition. Rapidlash deserves recognition for its thin brush and easy application.

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This place is taken by Dabalash eyelash serum. You can come across mixed reviews on this product. The truth is that this is an eyelash serum that protects and conditions lashes really well and, when used systematically, Dabalash also enhances eyelash appearance. Also, you can be lured by the convenient applicator, good consistency and reasonable price.

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Eyelash growth serums have conquered the world. They became iconic products, absolute must-haves for millions of women. Not without reason, they are considered as important as mascaras, face creams or hair conditioners. Why?

Here is a list of 10 most important reasons why women decide to start using eyelash conditioners

1. Lash regeneration

Eyelash growth serum is able to strengthen weakened and damaged eyelashes. It makes them properly hydrated and nourished as well as fully regenerated not only on the surface but also inside. A good quality eyelash enhancer ensures complex enhancement in a short period of time.

2. Bulb reinforcement

Not without reason eyelash conditioners have been facilitated with a special, thin applicators. A serum in the form of an eyeliner is to be applied along your lash line. This way the product penetrates not only the shaft but also reaches their main important part – the bulbs.

3. Significant length improvement

Eyelashes longer than ever before – only a good quality eyelash growth serum can do it in a short period of time. It happens because active ingredients penetrate lash bulbs and stimulate their growth. Strong bulbs are able to produce long and healthy eyelashes.

4. Lashline thickening

Some lash bulbs that stretch along the lash line are inactive: they do not produce lashes because they are not strong enough. A good quality eyelash enhancer is able to regenerate them and - using a metaphor - "breathe a new life" into dormant bulbs. As a consequence, they become active, and this results in the growth of new eyelashes. The effect is very satisfying for every woman: it is clear that more hair is growing. Eyelash conditioner is able to significantly thicken it all over the lashline.

5. Darkening eyelashes

Eyelashes often have bright ends that are barely visible. It makes them seem shorter than they actually are. Eyelash serums not only increase their growth, but also darken them, making them more beautiful and visible. This beneficial feature of an eyelash enhancer will also be appreciated by ladies who have very pale lashes, almost invisible without make-up.

6. Volume boost

Thick eyelashes are the dream of every woman. They look appealing regardless of the time of day and whether eyelashes are covered with mascara or not. Thanks to them, the eyes look beautiful at any time of the day or night, and in any situation. The majority of eyelash growth serum users appreciate the fact that they do not have to use waterproof mascara when they go to the beach or the pool. Their lashes are thick and long enough even without mascara.

7. Curled eyelashes

Many women admit that stiff, straight eyelashes are a problem for them. They cannot do without eyelash extensions, which (unfortunately) has very destructive effects and simply break their eyelashes. Eyelash serum makes the eyelashes grow curling upwards. This intensifies the effect of the so-called open eye and optically enlarge it, and at the same time defines lashes even more.

8. Lash loss prevention

Eyelash enhancers affect both the lashes and their bulbs, extending the eyelash growth phase. This makes lashes stronger and inhibits fall out. Regular application of eyelash growth serums brings spectacular results and makes every lash firmly rooted. Thus lashes do not fall out when using even extremely invasive make-up remover.

9. Protection against impurities

Eyelash conditioner applied regularly will make sun radiation, toxins and harsh make-up removal no longer a threat to your eyelashes. They will become strong and resistant to damage, frost, chlorinated water or a strong mascara that lacks any nutrients.

10. Makes your face look fresh and young

Eyelash growth serums improve the entire female image. Nice, thick and healthy eyelashes make the face seem refreshed. This adds confidence and definitely improves every woman’s mood. Thanks to eyelash conditioners, expensive and destructive eyelash extensions at the salon are no longer necessary.


Long hours of searching for the perfect eyelash enhancer did not bring satisfactory results? In order to find a product that effectively nurtures our lashes, enhances their appearance and does not ruin our budget, we must firstly prepare ourselves a bit. It is best to start by reading the following guide to find out that good eyelash growth serum is within our reach. The thing is, you just need to know where to reach.

Good eyelash conditioner. Where to start your search?

Find out which eyelash serum is the most popular

First of all, you should browse through blogs and forums, where you can find interesting suggestions of various eyelash enhancers. What is displayed in ads is not always a reflection of what is actually the most effective. But consumer popularity is a very good indicator. Therefore, if you want to find a good eyelash growth serum, make sure to look through your favourite blogs or posts in discussion groups. Perhaps, women recommend a product that you have not yet heard of and you might decide to test it yourself.

 Find out what kind of eyelash enhancer wins the reviews

Proposition number two is, of course, getting acquainted with the items that are placed highest in the rankings. In the detailed analysis of the most popular eyelash serums, you will definitely find one that will meet your expectations. Pay attention to the pros and cons of such cosmetics. Does this meet your requirements? Do not waste time on eyelash conditioners that occupy the lowest places in reviews because they are not worth recommending. Target the top-rated ones because that means they are really noteworthy.

Check the best eyelash growth serums

Once you've got your favourites, found after browsing through many reviews and reading hundreds of Internet forums, simply compare them. Find out which eyelash enhancer is the best meaning it is good value for money. It will not necessarily be the lowest price, but certainly the one that corresponds to the quality of ingredients and performance. Focus on some of the most important things.

The best eyelash serum:

  • contains ingredients with complementary properties,
  • has a lightweight and well-absorbed formula,
  • does not drip into the eyes,
  • is completely safe for the eye area,
  • has a thin brush that makes application easier,
  • apart from lash growth boost, it delivers extra benefits
  • provides comprehensive care.

How much do you know about eyelashes?
First and foremost, eyelashes are another type of hair. They are very sensitive to touch and, as a matter of fact, their main role is to protect the eye from dust, sweat, debris, insects and all unwanted and dangerous objects that could harm the eye.
Eyelashes grow at the edges of the upper and lower eyelids. The ones on the top, are always fuller and longer (there are approximately twice as many as at the lower lash line). That being said, it means that the lower lid has about 100 lashes while the upper one from 200 – 300 (!!!) Both of the eyelids have lashes arranged in two or three rows growing in all directions – upward, forward and even backwards. Isn’t that weird? Maybe that’s the reason why they sometimes get into our eyes and irritate the eyeball. (One can say that it’s a bit ironic as their role is to protect the eye).
It is also said that eyelashes fall out daily. How is it possible that there are so many remaining if we keep losing them on a daily basis? The answer is simple. Eyelashes grow in three periods and it is more than certain that each and every single lash is at a different stage of its life. The first one is called the Anagen phase – active growth. The second one Catagen – the transition period and Telogen phase – the resting period. The growth cycle usually takes about 3 months. Therefore, a 90-day lifespan is definitely a lot shorter period of time than when it comes to the hair on your head. Which is why, lashes do not grow as long as your hair. Of course, once you use a good-quality eyelash serum, the Anagen phase is being extended and you are able to grow longer lashes. Also, many dormant bulbs are stimulated to grow new, stronger eyelashes. As a result, they are thicker, fuller and longer.

Random facts about eyelashes:

  • Do you know what animals have eyelashes? Out of all species, only mammals are lucky enough to grow eyelashes!
  • What do you thing is the length of the longest eyelashes? The record is held by a man and it is 6,99 cm!
  • Eyelashes have been styled for centuries. Can you guess when women started to enhance their lashes? It dates back to the Ancient Egypt.
  • What can you compare eyelashes to? Hair? Not entirely. They perform the same role as cat’s whiskers.
  • Are long eyelashes a trend all over the world? In most cultures eyelashes are considered as a sign of beauty which is why women use growth boosters, mascaras or extensions. However, some tribes in Tanzania cut them short!