Hair are woman’s attribute, no wonder then that we care about them in a very special way. Hair care can be extremely time consuming practice, and sometimes we just don’t have enough time to do it properly or dry them in a right way after we wash them in the evening. Model’s hairstylist, Creighton Bowman, revealed her secrets on how to sleep with are hair wet to look at our best in the morning.

1. Say hello to sateen and silk

Cotton sheets might be the cause of why our hair are so tangled up and hard to brush out in the morning. When you have a habit of going to sleep with your hair wet, you should switch to sateen or silk (cheaper version) sheets or at least switch just the pillowcases. The additional plus of sateen and silk is their great influence when it comes to preventing early ageing signs.

2. Don’t fear velvet scrunchie

We heard all about how tying your hair is a bad thing, so it seems like quite an absurd idea to tie them for the whole night. Yet, no one is talking about a tight ponytail. Loose ponytail or bun on the top of your head isn’t such a bad thing, if you’ll use for it soft velvet scrunchie (or a drawcord cut out of the sock). It will prevent the hair from tangling and give the wavy effect after combing.

3. Tight bun isn’t all that bad

Tight braid over night might be a good idea, but only if it’s once in a while, because overusing it may damage strands. In the evening, wet hair convoluted by strands in a bun on the top of the head, will make hair fluffy and wavy in the morning. This way you achieve a true Californian surfer look. If you want to enhance the effect spray tied strands with sea salt.

4. Go for eco-weaves

Beauty vlogers encourage us to abandon heat hair styling and if it’s only possible to switch to ecological methods of frizzing. It is always connected to the sleeping with our hair wet and tied with curlers or handkerchiefs, etc. You should find the method that best suits you and your hair.

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