Argan oil popularity must have come as a surprise even to the Moroccans, who are the only manufacturers of this oil in the world. Today, it can be found in thousands of cosmetics for hair, face, or even the entire body. It is called Moroccan liquid gold due to numerous precious conditioning properties. Find it out for yourself.

Argania is directly connected to the native residents of Morocco. Berbers call it “the tree if life”, which allowed them to survive in the desert climate. The most valuable product obtained from the iron tree is its oil. Why is it called the “elixir of youth”?

Argan oil – properties

What’s best argan oil has to offer is hidden within. This oil is exceptionally rich in protective polyphenols, precious omega-6 and omega-9 acids, but also high amount of vitamin E. The last ingredient is form of tocopherol complex, which is believed to be effective defender of your organism in fight against oxidants. This is why argan oil is such a strong antioxidant.

Due to lots of precious nourishing ingredients, argan oil is recommended particularly in hair care, though it can be used also on different body parts. It prevents excess hair loss, provides healthy gloss, smoothers, prevents frizzing and eliminates brittleness. It is acknowledged as a great regenerating hair oil. However, these are not the most important properties.

Argan oil is natural protection for hair, because:

  • it protects hair against split ends,
  • it eliminates free radicals,
  • it protects hair against high temperature,
  • it works as a natural UV filter,
  • it protects against other unfavourable factors.

Argan oil properties allow its use as a supplement for hair conditioners or hair masks with intense action. If used on regular basis, it ensures hair with health and softness. Strands condition is improved from the inside and out.

When should you use argan oil?

Natural, cold pressed argan oil from Morocco will work both on hair and skin. Due to high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids its action is best on damaged hair with high porosity. Argan oil will be perfect also when you look for natural cosmetic for protection during the stylisation. It is worth to have it at hand always when you dry, straighten or curl hair. It will allow you to maintain healthy hair and will minimise the damage.

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