Sadly… Not every girl knows how to apply make-up. As a result, instead of looking beautiful, they end up making themselves look older or unconsciously do some harm to themselves. Let’s see what kind of slip ups are the most common and perhaps you will avoid them.

Face make-up is not that simple

Many women still chooses wrong shade of foundation for their skin complexion. The shade is too light or too dark. The effect is pale skin colour or so called mask effect, when foundation is too dark and it is too different form the skin complexion. How should you choose foundation then? Cosmetic should be a tone or two lighter than skin complexion. Choose it in natural light and apply correctly, this way it will make your face only more beautiful. Foundation likes bronzer and blusher. Remember, though, not to apply too large amounts of any of them, because bronzer can make you look older and blusher can create unnatural and hilarious effect.

MAKE-UP-BRUNETTEEye make-up can also cause some trouble

Eye make-up takes the most time. Underline of brows, application of all sorts of cosmetics on eyelids and eyelashes. Line made with eyeliner must be precise, mascara mustn’t clump lashes and eye shadows should be non-flaking and crease-resistant. Try providing your eye brows with natural shape and thickness. They cannot be too thin and excessively bent. Nowadays, top trend are thick, but stylised eyebrows. Colour of eye shadows match with the colour of the iris, hair and brows. During application rub it thoroughly with brush, so they would become decoration of eyes and the entire face. Line made with eyeliner should optically make eyes bigger. Remember to create properly raised line and to blend it with eye shadows. Correct application of mascara is also extremely important task. Eye frame must be polished and lashes cannot be clumped. For the summer choose waterproof mascara.

Is lip make-up difficult after all?

Too bright or too dark colour of the lipstick won’t make you look better. On the contrary, they will ruin the entire make-up. When you buy cosmetics for lips pay attention to: skin complexion, hair colour, skin type and even tooth enamel. Best will be make-up with cosmetics in a natural shades. Remember: heavy eye make-up and light lips make-up fit each other perfectly; just like subtle eyes and highlighted with intense lipstick lips.

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