Smooth face, without acne and blackheads is your greatest success! It is time to get rid of scars and discolourations. However, before you get to that you can cover all imperfections with make-up. Do not apply thick layer of foundation, because it can only make your appearance worse. See below, how to camouflage scars caused by acne.

Foundation base is the greatest allay of skin with discolourations. This cosmetic not only smoothers skin surface, but also makes skin complexion even. Base nourishes, conditions and makes make-up long lasting. Foundation, powder and eye shadows will not be rubbing off and their colour will not fade. Choose base containing vitamins and silicones. The second ingredient will create sticky layer, which will make application of make-up easier and help cure discolourations. Use mattifying and covering foundations. Those with shimmering pigments can expose scars caused by acne and furrows after pimples popping. Foundation will cover all imperfections, make skin complexion even and prevent T zone (forehead, nose, chin) from shine. If you worry that cosmetic with such properties will clog pores, change it for foundation with medium cover. Remember that this cosmetic cannot contain mineral oils.

makeup-What accessories should you use? Best are accessories thanks to which covering cosmetics can be applied spot by spot. Brushes have to be small, pointed and made of natural materials. Do not rub cosmetics applied with brush, try to tap them in and then distribute it around the change on the skin. For better cover, tap in concealer or foundation with the fingertip.

The most important cosmetic in camouflage make-up for scars after acne is concealer. Thanks to it you can precisely hide imperfections, gain smooth face and even skin complexion. Choose concealer with matte finish and providing strong cover. Apply it spot by spot on those parts of face that need cover. Preserve entire make-up with mist in spray. Cosmetic needs to have delicate consistency, shouldn’t leave oily or sticky layer. Cosmetic for preservation of make-up should provide matte finish. Spray face with product and wait for the mist to absorb.

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