There are some questions regarding to Nanobrow eyebrow serum that are worth being asked. Surely, the answers will convince you that buying this beauty product makes the best decision concerning eyebrow care that you can ever come to. Also, they will prove that this eyebrow serum has no equal.

1. Why should I consider eyebrows important?

Human eyebrows perform several functions. Firstly, thanks to having thick eyebrows, we can see better because they protect eyes from sweat, rain and blood that might run down the face. Secondly, their shape, appearance and whether they are neat and clean or not help us get a good feel about a person we’re looking at. Finally, eyebrows express our emotions and facilitate reading emotions of others.

2. Who can use Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum is recommended to those who:

  • have difficulties with growing eyebrows
  • want to extend and thicken eyebrows
  • have too fair eyebrows when compared with complexion and hair
  • struggle with thinning eyebrows
  • wish to make eyebrows stronger
  • want to condition skin in this face area
  • would like to improve condition and look of eyebrows
  • wish to fill in the gaps in patchy eyebrows
  • want to resign from applying eyebrow makeup daily

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3. What are the benefits of using Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

Nanobrow serum handles two tasks: firstly, it conditions eyebrows and secondly, it takes care of the brow hairs. Its action depends on boosting thickness and length of eyebrows. This serum is able to add body and darken colour of eyebrows. Another point to mention, Nanobrow is responsible for reinforcing and nourishing follicles. Consequently, the problem of diminishing brows is handled. Also, the hair resistance to mechanical damages and external aggressors increases. Apart from that, this beauty product maintains the adequate level of hydration and prevents water loss. It’s also worth realizing that owing to the blend of high quality ingredients, Nanobrow displays protective properties. Since being able to shield eyebrows against UV rays and free radicals, Nanobrow contributes to delaying the processes of ageing. This in turn helps eyebrows remain younger and healthy.

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4. What ingredients are used in Nanobrow?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum contains the following ingredients:

  • soy sprout and ginseng root extracts – have antioxidant, rebuilding, reinforcing and protective effect
  • wheat sprout and scutellaria baicalensis root extracts – rebuild, boost shine, nourish and help eyebrow fight off free radicals
  • arginine and panthenol – moisturize and prevent water loss
  • lactic acid – facilitates transportation of Nanobrow constituents into skin and eyebrows

5. How should I apply Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

To begin with, Nanobrow eyebrow serum comes with a precise applicator; it resembles a small sponge which shape is adjusted to brow ridge. This applicator picks up the optimal amount of the serum to condition one eyebrow. Nanobrow is absorbed immediately. It doesn’t stain the brow hairs.

Before applying Nanobrow, face skin must be thoroughly cleansed and makeup has to be completely removed. Even the smallest residues of beauty products, sebum and dirt might impede delivering the desired results. One motion is enough to cover eyebrows with an equal coat of essential substances to help them grow long and thick.

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6. How much does Nanobrow eyebrow serum cost?

Nanobrow price mirrors its effectiveness, quality and substances it’s composed of. Although some people might find this cost unsuitable, it’s worth paying a reasonable price for an effective eyebrow serum that delivers stunning effects.

7. How much serum is held in one Nanobrow tube?

One Nanobrow tube holds 5 ml of eyebrow serum. This quantity allows you to expose your eyebrows to one full treatment during which the brow hairs become longer, fuller-looking, stronger, prettier, nourished and moisturized. Nanobrow eyebrow serum tube is small enough to fit every bag. Also, its convenient size allows you to pack Nanobrow into a holiday suitcase to continue the treatment wherever you are.

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