In no way it escapes our attention that designers and make-up artists who work on collection of iconic Chanel like to surprise on almost every catwalk. Spring Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week is also a big break through in make-up trends. Why? Because of chequered eyelid!

Paris look in one move of the brush

The author of make-ups on this year Chanel catwalk during Paris Fashion Week was Tom Pecheux – make-up artist who co-operates with this luxurious fashion house. This make-up artist presented his vision of iconic pattern, which accompanies the brand. He demonstrated his idea on few of the youngest modelling stars, including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Lindsay Wixson. Chequer in shades of grey is truly an original make-up, for which Pecheux needed only eyeshadow, stencil and brush.

From the handbag straight on woman’s eye

Inspiration for this make-up was of course iconic bag Chanel 2.55, which is recognisable by everyone. Black quilted clutch bag of Paris fashion house is known all around the world for its elegance and design. That is the pattern, which Pecheux decided to apply on the eyelid. No one said that quilted pattern is reserved for luxurious accessories. Black chequer on eyelids, resembling a bit of a honeycomb, is a two-dimensional make-up, which will make you stunned by its simplicity and effectiveness.

Chequered make-up just like the one of Chanel models

Models on this year Paris Fashion Week proudly wore shades of black, however no one said that you cannot recreate it on your own way. The most important is make-up base to equalise eyelid complexion and so it’d work like a glue for the eyeshadow. Chequered pattern in style of quilted clutch bag from Chanel can be achieved with use of stencil or a piece of transparent tight. Shade should be highly pigmented so after one application pattern would be intense, because there is no place for corrections.

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