Finally, more and more women can afford professional body care. Cosmetics, the ones which complete their missions fully, are offered by Jo Malone. The brand’s flowery collection ideally fits both summer and spring aura. Check out how mimosa and cardamom, orange blossom, peony and pink suede smell on your skin!

Floral Jo Malone collection

Jo Malone offers floral collection of washing and skin care cosmetics. The set of mimosa and cardamom comprises of a cologne water, a body gel, a body cream and a scented candle. The orange blossom flavoured set contains a cologne water, a body cream, a body shower gel, a body lotion, a bath oil and a scented candle. The collection of peony and pink suede is made of a cologne water, a shower gel, a body cream, a scented candle and a set of other products (a body and hand wash, a body cream, a cologne water).

How do Jo Malone products work?

Not only do they cleanse and replenish skin with water, but also they smell beautifully. When combined with water, they form delicate foam which removes sebum, dead epidermis cells, residues of cosmetics and other impurities. Moreover, these products are good at moisturising and firming body skin. Thanks to the natural substances, the cosmetics are able to smooth and nourish dermis. However, the best thing about Jo Malone products is the long lifespan of the fragrance. While mentioning the fragrance, if you light up Jo Malone candle, you will smell the wonderful flowery fragrance almost immediately.

Where to buy Jo Malone cosmetics?

The easiest way to find the cosmetics is by entering some e-shops selling cosmetics. Some products are also available in big drug stores. Unfortunately, if you would like to give a try to any of the sets, you have to collect quite of a sum first. This is how much you’re going to spend on natural substances, glass phials and high quality of the products.

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