Red skin, feeling of prickle and tightening, unaesthetic spots. Those are just some of irritations appearing on legs after hair removal. Let’s find out how you can avoid them and enjoy smooth and beautiful legs.

Most of women still uses disposable razors. Sadly, removal of hair this way often equals irritations and each next hair removal will only worsen skin condition. Redness and spots appear also when you use creams, waxes or hair remover. What should you do to avoid those unpleasant surprises? There are two solutions to this problem: spots and irritations can be eliminated by using proper ointments and cosmetics or you can just prevent them from appearing.

Treat spots with ointment with substances that reduce inflammatory skin conditions. Such products usually also indicate anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory properties. They slow down sebum secretion in follicles and accelerate healing of wounds. You can spread alcohol on irritations. It has drying and stimulating skin cells metabolism properties. You can wrap your legs with damp and hot towel. Thanks to it skin pores will open and spots become more visible what can make their removal easier. All kinds of irritations can be calmed by gel or ointment with aloe vera. This plant has soothing and regenerative properties.

And how can you avoid irritations? Always perform hair removal after bath, when skin is soft and hair properly moisten. Use razors with few blades and moisturising strip. Change them every week and sterilise blades after each use. Great for hair removal are foams, oils and other products providing oily surface and moisture. Always remove hair accordingly to hair growth. By the end of the entire treatment you can change direction and shave hair against hair growth. Before you proceed with hair removal, do the scrub. This way you will get rid of impurities, dead skin cells and irregularities, which may make free and easy razor motion impossible. Moisturise skin with cosmetics containing urea, olive oil or cosmetic oils.

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