Many women find it super important to take care of their eye skin area. The state of this part of our face indicates how healthy we are, our age, and the way we take care of ourselves. For that very reason, Estee Lauder created an innovative under eye cream. Here comes Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift to join the remaining Re-Nutriv cosmetics.

ultimate-contouring-eye-lift.jpgWho can use new Estee Lauder under eye cream?

The product is mostly recommended for people whose skin is mature and covered with a dense net of wrinkles. Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift can also be used by those whose under eye skin area is dull, covered with discolorations and age spots. This cosmetic, which belongs to Re-Nutriv series, is recommended for people whose skin is thin and puffy. The best thing about Estee Lauder product is that it can be used by the smokers whose face skin is dull and poorly moistened, people with sensitive skin that is prone to allergies, people whose eyes are sensitive, as well as by those who want to counteract wrinkles.

How does Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift work?

The cosmetic contains many precious ingredients. Among others, the composition is made of particles of tourmaline (a healing crystalline boron silicate mineral) and Life Re-Newing Molecules (the substance patented by Estee Lauder to rejuvenate skin). Their aim is to firm, smooth and highlight the skin around eyes. What’s interesting, the product facilitates a cooling tip that additionally stimulates blood circulation, relieves irritations and rebuilds collagen. During the treatment, under eye skin becomes more elastic, replenished with water, and simply more beautiful.

How to use Re-Nutriv, Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift?

Apply Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift morning and evening, as well as throughout a day. Do you use the cosmetic only in the evening? Remember to perform a precise make-up removal and wash your face skin with a lotion or a milk before putting on the cosmetic. Do you want to use Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift in the morning? No worries! However, before you do this, wipe your face with a delicate toner. Once Estee Lauder becomes absorbed, you can apply your favourite day cream.

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