Creams with UV filters protect skin against wrinkles and discolorations. What’s interesting, some of them can replace not only foundations but also even moisturising cosmetics. Creams featuring UV filters have colourising and camouflaging as well as moistening and smoothing features. Thanks to them, your skin will be pampered, resistant to photoageing and silky smooth to the touch. If used, such products will cover skin imperfections, beauty spots and other marks that require protection against the sun.


Not only does it strengthen the immune system and prevents diseases but also it highlights complexion, reduces discolorations and counteracts free radicals. Vitamin C has anti-oxygenating and cleansing features. Frequently it’s used in cosmetics designed for dull and mature skin. If you struggle with discolorations or dark circles under eyes, then it’s high time to reach for products containing Vitamin C.


Alcohol included into face care cosmetics can lead to dehydration, irritations and epidermis damage. Despite the fact that at the first sight it cleanses skin, especially from sebum, unfortunately alcohol accelerates and boosts its production. As a consequence, face becomes covered with acne and blackheads. For that reason, it’s much better to choose cosmetics containing fruit acids, peel off face masks or simply a regular coarse-grained peeling.


It’s the best thing that can happen to your face. Thanks to regular dead epidermis cell exfoliation, you’ll smooth fine lines, highlight discolorations, stimulate blood circulation and makes skin more firm. Drug stores are full of such products that you can match to your complexion type. Also, instead of buying a ready-made cosmetic, you can make one at home. Use sugar, honey, oat flakes and cosmetic oils.


If you want to have beautiful skin then you mustn’t touch it, squeeze, or make the acne vanish using your fingers. Hands are home for a lot of bacteria which, by touching your face, you transport to the dermis. Obviously, face skin is the perfect environment for germs to multiply. Effect? Acne, clogged skin pores, blackheads, and irritations. Therefore, keep in mind that before face washing, you have to clean hands and fingernails precisely.

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