It can’t be denied, summer is just around the corner. Therefore, it’s high time to think about a protection against the sun. Luckily, Avene brand meets clients’ expectations and enlarge its offer with two creams with UV filters. These mineral fluids with SPF 50 will surely serve their purpose during the summer.

protection-against-the-sun.jpgMINERAL FLUID AVENE SPF 50

The cosmetic is closed in a package of 40 ml capacity. It contains sunscreen of 50 factor. It’s a sufficient and very high protection against UVA and UVB radiation. The new product by Avene is fully natural, which means that the filter used in this cosmetic is a mineral substance. Moreover, the fluid doesn’t contain any chemical nor artificial ingredients. For that reason, during application you may expect to see small white smudges and spots on your face. What should be done to avoid such unwanted marks? Just right before the application of the cream, use a peeling or put on a moisturising cream. Then follow with Avene cosmetic.


If you don’t like applying a sunscreen and a fluid at the same time, then this Avene‚Äôs product is made for you. Not only does the cosmetic provide protection against UVA and UVB radiation but also it camouflages skin imperfections and evens skin tone. Thanks to the the mineral and natural substances content, the product is recommended for sensitive and dehydrated skin. This cosmetic will cover discolorations, moles and even replace a regular make-up foundation.


New fluids by Avene have universal action. They serve well as a make-up primer, a foundation or a concealer. Moreover, their action can be described as moistening and smoothing – they contain silica thanks to which your complexion will become silky smooth. Furthermore, Avene fluids contain pre-tocopheryl of anti-oxygenating and rejuvenating action. However, the most important action of these new mineral cosmetics is the sun protection feature. And this ‘shield’ is very strong since it reaches SPF 50.

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