More and more popular method of eyebrows make-up is a permanent make-up. Many women want to save some time on everyday make-up by applying permanent make-up. Even though, we are more willing to correct our eyebrows shape with permanent make-up, there are still many myths about this method. What to believe? How does permanent make-up really looks like? Experienced specialists, make-up artists and beauty specialists nail myths and confirm facts on the subject of permanent make-up.

Time consuming – MYTH

Despite of what you might think, permanent make-up is not taking as much time. Standard procedure lasts from a half an hour up to an hour. Depending on the eyebrows deficits and method we chose, permanent make-up can last a bit longer, but experienced beautician will take care of it efficiently.

Permanent make-up isn’t for everyone – FACT

It can’t be denied that each permanent procedure, where we deal with direct interference into the skin structure should be consulted prior to the procedure. There are several contraindications, which state when you shouldn’t do permanent eyebrows make-up procedure (or other parts of the body), and those are: pregnancy, medication based on steroids, diabetes, psoriasis and various infections.

permanent-make-up.jpgPermanent eyebrows make-up looks fake – MYTH

We often encounter women with overdrawn eyebrows make-up, but usually it is work of inexperienced make-up artists, beauticians or women who wanted to do it on their own. Experienced beautician can make permanent make-up, so it looks natural, delicate and subtle but still gives desirable effect of proper eyebrows shape.

Permanent make-up is painful – MYTH

It may come as a surprise but as matter in fact permanent make-up is not painful, regardless that permanent make-up procedure is performed directly in the skin structure. It is all thanks to the anaesthesia used during procedure. For permanent eyebrows make-up beautician will use only pain-relieving gel or ointment (when it comes to the procedure in the delicate area of lips then will be injected dental anaesthesia).

After the procedure skin is very irritated – FACT

In a first few hours after the procedure skin might, but doesn’t necessarily have to, be red around eyebrows and in some areas may occur swelling. Permanent eyebrows make-up procedure is very invasive, so you need to count upon certain limitations, like that you shouldn’t use sauna or solarium in few weeks after the procedure.

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