MAC Cosmetics is one of the favourite brands of women around the world. No wonder. The cosmetics they have in their offer are of the highest quality. This exclusive brand just launched the new line of products, which will be quite a treat for the fans. Why? MAC is introducing Faerie Whispers limited edition – straight from the fairy tale!

Faerie Whispers Collection

Which woman wouldn’t want to move to fairy tale world for some time? The limited edition from MAC is inspired with fairies, which will take us to the world of unforgettable fairy tales. What do we associate fairies with? They are living creatures flirty in their immaturity, covered in magical colours and glow, and extremely delicate. That is the Faerie Whispers collection from MAC.

Fairy tale cosmetics

Faerie Whispers from MAC Cosmetics is a line of products inspired by fairy tale world and the fragility of the fairies. What are the Faerie Whispers cosmetics like? Most of all, amazing!

  1. Wide palette of intense and subtle colours.
  2. Cosmetics giving make-up with faboulous effect.
  3. Matte and shimmering finish.
  4. Products swathe with the fairy tale glow.

The Limited Edition

MAC fans will be thrilled, because in Faerie Whispers edition we will find cosmetics that are not in the regular offer of the brand. It is quite a treat for limited collection lovers. Faerie Whispers are fairy tale cosmetics that amaze with their quality.

The biggest bomb of this collection is Foiled Shadow, which are folio eyeshadow with shimmering or matte finish that we can use for creation of incredibly effective make-up. Faerie Whispers is also a line of metallic lip lacquer, pearly lipsticks and lip-glosses, highlighting blushes and powders, but also fabulous brushes. Those cosmetics will catch your eye!

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