There are plenty of home remedies for stronger eyelashes. Some of them are able to produce measurable effects, whereas the others do almost nothing. Still, it’s better to know all the methods to later select the most appropriate one when the time comes for implementing some new lash treatments into your daily beauty ritual. Eyelash serum, natural oil or perhaps vaseline?

Info 1: Eyelashes are hair, yet in the mini version. They are shorter, their thickness differs, are stiffer and handle other tasks than the hair growing on the head. The things that hair and eyelashes have in common is their structure and treatments that are the most effective when aims the follicles.

Info 2: You shouldn’t treat the lashes the same way you treat the hair. Eyelashes need the products that target their needs. Also, you have to use the products safe for the eye skin, that neither weigh the eyelashes down nor clump them.

With that being said, what should you choose to make the at-home lash care effective? Below you will find a short list of home remedies and products that grant you achieving out-of-this-world lashes.

Cosmetics for conditioning your eyelashes

● Castor oil for lashes

A top choice when it comes to the home lash treatments. It’s used by the women who want to make their lashes thicker and stronger without spending much. Naturally, castor oil doesn’t produce as dramatic results as professional eyelash care products but its price makes up for that. When used on a daily basis, castor oil is able to promote lash growth and intensify the natural color, which creates the impression of thicker-looking eyelashes. Naturally!

● Olive oil for lashes

Olive oil is another natural oil commonly applied to eyelashes to improve their looks. Since this is an easy-accessible oil, olive oil is often used by the beginners who want to find out whether natural oils work for them. It isn’t as effective as castor oil, but when cold-pressed, olive oil can make lashes look better, improve resilience and prevent water loss. And this means a lot in terms of achieving beautiful eyelashes.

● Lash serum

The unrivaled cosmetic. Number 1 in lash care. Professional formula based on well-selected ingredients that reaches the follicles – this must work! And it does work because regular application of eyelash serum is the easiest way to reconstruct/regenerate lashes and encourage their faster growth. Soon the lashes become stronger, thicker, longer, fuller-looking and lustrous. There is one condition though: you have to chose the eyelash serum of proven effectiveness and formulated with the best ingredients.

● Vaseline for lashes

The supporters of at-home treatments tend to, from time to time, replace eyelash serum for Vaseline. Do both products work alike? Definitely not. Eyelash serum is a set of ingredients that penetrate skin to reach the follicles and improve the lashes from within. Vaseline, in turn, resides on the lash surface to smooth out, boost gloss and prevent water loss. When it comes to application, Vaseline has to be used in moderation unless you want to have clumpy and heavy lashes.

● Mascara

For last we saved a product that seems to belong to makeup products. Can mascara take care of eyelashes? Of course, it can, provided that it contains a set of lash conditioning substances like for example vitamin E, alantoine, panthenol, castor oil (or other natural oils), peptides, zinc, silicon and plant extracts (e.g. baikal skullcap root extract). Owing to these ingredients, only a seemingly regular mascara is able to make lashes stronger and improve their resilience and thickness. And you can achieve these effects without putting literally no effort into it.

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