Some girls prefer natural look. Others, cannot live without false eyelashes. On which side are you? Check out what to do, to look beautiful and have long and thick lashes. As it turns out, there is no need to attach knots, strips or individual eyelash extensions. 

Do false eyelashes really look so beautiful?

In this matter, opinions are divided. Nevertheless, artificial eyelashes that are uneven, cover up half of your eyelid, are of unnatural length, simply look funny. More and more girls decide to undergo a procedure to thicken and lengthen eyelashes, done by a technician. Unfortunately, when choosing the salon, young girls are often driven by the price instead of the experience of the staff. This is a big mistake. Lack of competence of the beautician and cause more harm than good. She could damage your natural lashes and even irritate your eyes. What is more, attaching false lashes is very time consuming and pricey. After the procedure, you must remember that you cannot perform certain activities: applying mascara, going to steam room, swimming pool or rubbing your eyes.

false-eyelashes-vs-natural-lashesWhat if not false eyelashes?

There are many solutions to the problem with thin and short eyelashes. First of all, you might start with trying out mascaras designed for improving volume and curling and lengthening.  Another idea is to attach disposable eyelashes (either a strip or knot free flares). Such products are available in almost all drugtores. They come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can change them as often as you like and and match them to the occasion and your preference. Moreover, many girls consider eyelash conditioners, stimulating lash growth as a great alternative to artificial lashes. Such cosmetic comprise many natural ingredients that nurture the skin of your eyelids. If you want to visually thicken your lashes, draw a line along your lash line with an eye pencil or eyeliner. The effect of longer, thicker lashes can be achieved by applying castor oil. However, be very careful: the product can irritate sensitive skin and in some cases cause eyelash loss.

But maybe false eyelashes?

If you are a very insistent girl, you do not have to give up in false eyelashes. Remember to match appropriate coloured cosmetics to the lashes. Use eyeshadows of neutral colours, do not emphasise your eyebrows to strong and use a delicate pink lipstick or lip gloss only to enhance your natural beauty. You can still do a smokey eye make-up. However, it would be best if you could quit applying make-up. In the upcoming season simplicity and naturalness will be the main trends. All you need to do is to enhance your cheeks with blusher and use a tiny bit of highlighter to provide your skin with beautiful radiance.

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