We constantly consider what we can do so that the skin would look stunning. Can you improve its appearance without any advanced treatments? Of course, you do! Meet 3 steps to beautiful skin because there simply not much you need sometimes to look gorgeous.

3 simple skincare steps for beautiful skin


Beauticians repeat it constantly: moisturizing is the most important role of face creams. It is the base of skincare so if you want your skin to be flawless, remember to moisturize it. Not just with the cream, obviously. You should drink around 8 glasses of water a day. At the very least. The water is what’s responsible for the “quality” of every cell in your body. Including the skin. High-quality cream does not deliver water to the cells but creates a special occlusive layer on the surface of the skin to protect it against water loss.

Occlusive substances are, for example, natural oils, mineral oils, silicones, and wax. Those are considered to be emollients and maintain the right level of hydration in the skin but also protect it against unfavorable action of atmospherical factors. Good moisturizing cream should additionally contain substances that strengthen the protective barrier of the skin, and those are aminoacids, niacinamide, phospholipids, omega acids.


Is there a way to tone the skin up in at-home conditions? We know that with age skin loses its suppleness and glow. Toning it up is easy to do at home and you need only 5 minutes a day to do that. Obviously, you will not achieve the wow effect right away but with face massage performed on the regular basis (with jade roller) you will strengthen muscles in the face. Over time the skin will become more supple and the face shape will improve. Jade roller or other massagers for the face are available at almost every drugstore. You can choose a special gua sha stone but the massage with it requires a bit of skill. A jade roller is appropriately heavy and cold so it is able to stimulate blood circulation in the skin. The Internet is full of videos on how to perform the correct massage.

Another idea to make skin supple at home is face yoga. After two weeks of regular exercise face shape will improve significantly! According to this method follows the skin will not only gain suppleness but is also able to flatten minor wrinkles.


Exfoliator is still a highly undervalued form of skincare. We treat it lightly and do it only when we happen to remind ourselves about it while exfoliation performed on a regular basis makes skin perfectly supple. During the exfoliation, dead skin cells are being removed and the new skin is exposed. Skin becomes perfectly smooth, supple, rested, glowing, and gains better color. Face exfoliation is one of the best treatments to rejuvenate the skin!

What is more, it is worth remembering that after the use of an exfoliator the ingredients of the cream or serum are absorbed better and reach deeper layers of the skin. Perform exfoliation on a regular basis – at least once a week; for oily skin – even twice a week.

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