Pimples don’t bother only teenagers and they don’t always equal acne. Still, acne-prone skin breaks out the most easily. How to banish zits using home remedies?

During the adolescence, the hormones are imbalanced, which ramps up the production of sebum, leading to clogged skin pores. How to handle acne skin? Apart from medication and hygiene, you can make use of natural home treatments.

Causes of pimples

Sometimes one pimple appears. At other times you must struggle with big breakouts. Bumps are the symptoms of cystic acne caused by clogged sebaceous glands whose functioning is disturbed. High stress, diabetes and genes may trigger the occurrence of acne.

How to banish pimples? Useful tips

Above all else, never pop pimples! It’s prohibited! This forbidden procedure leads to scarring and intensifies inflammation. Let the skin eliminate pimples on its own.

Your skin must be purified so thoroughly care for the skin and use products that will help you get rid of the oil and dead cells, and deeply clear the skin. Make sure cleansers neither irritate nor dry out the complexion.

Always dry the face with a clean, dry towel. Use scrubs and masks that clarify the skin. Always remember to thoroughly remove makeup because carelessness brings new impurities and congests the skin!

Healthy diet

You must eat a healthy, balanced diet. Your skin won’t be in shape if you don’t care for the body the right way delivering the best nutrients. Make sure you eat an optimal amount of fruit and veggies.

Keep hydrating the body

The optimal hydration of the body is essential because water washes toxins out and it’s easier to get rid of impurities. Never skip this key step and do your best to make water-drinking a habit.

What to give up on to banish pimples?

This might be a problem but you should give up on sunbathing. When the skin is exposed to the strong sunlight, the corneum is damaged so the skin problems are back.

Don’t use oil-based foundations or concealers – it’s forbidden if you’ve got acne-prone skin. They only make the skin worse. The key thing is keeping the skin clean, which will make the treatment way easier. Don’t use thick creams because they congest the pores which may lead to the occurence of pimples.

Natural remedies for acne

A thick honey-and-cinnamon paste is a great pimple remover. Leave it on throughout the night – it kills bacteria, lessens the pimples and keeps them from growing. Repeat the treatment until the blemish is gone.

Garlic has antibacterial and cleansing effect. Press a clove of garlic to a pimple for several minutes, then wash the face thoroughly. If you repeat the treatment you can quickly banish the blemishes.

Make a mask using turmeric and coconut oil because turmeric has a strong antibacterial effect. If you mix it with coconut oil, it keeps pimples from growing.

Citrus juice works great for lessening the inflammation. It’s rich in acid that reduces a fresh pimple. Apply a small amount of the juice on the blemish using a Q-tip to dry it out.

Toothpaste has antibacterial and dehydrating effect so it lets you make the pimple less noticeable fast. Use it exclusively topically and just from time to time to avoid dryness.

Use baking soda and a few drops of water to make a thick paste. Apply it to a red spot and let it sit for thirty minutes. The soda dries out and cleanses the skin, and makes the healing process faster. Don’t use this method often because it’s harsh on the skin.

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