You think that a beauty supply store is the only place where you can get cosmetics? You’re wrong. The best natural beauty products are in your kitchen! Check which foods are worth using to enhance your good looks, and what benefits you can expect.

You’ve planned a home spa this evening but you’ve runned out of your favorite hair treatment? You have no time for shopping and online purchase means waiting for a parcel for a few days? Don’t worry!

Make use of products from your kitchen: foods that are made for eating but turn out to bring remarkable beauty benefits.


Olive oil

Oils have taken our beauty routines by storm. It’s a good thing because they are amazing natural cosmetics. You don’t need pricey beauty oils, though. The one that most of us have in the kitchen is more than enough. It’s cold-pressed olive oil.

What are the beauty benefits of olive oil? First of all, it’s a rich source of fatty acids, vitamin E and squalane. Thanks to them, it has the power to restore a young look. It protects against loss of moisture, adds elasticity and smoothness, and gives a lovely shine – both to skin and hair.


It is another noteworthy item from the kitchen. Natural honey is a sweet and sticky product that turns out to act as a very beneficial humectant, or a moisturizing substance. It catches water molecules and delivers them to the inside of skin and hair, guaranteeing smoothness, resilience and health. Mixing honey with oils is a very good idea when you make DIY treatments. A sugar-and-honey lip scrub is a hit which intensively smooths the lips (provided that you don’t eat it right away).

Milk & yoghurt

You can take some dairy products to the bathroom as well because they are a rich source of proteins that are essential to skin and hair health. There’s a reason why Cleopatra took milk baths. It was a secret to her young and beautiful look.

Milk is good for baths or rinsing your hair while yoghurt works well as a component for DIY face, hand, foot or hair masks. These products are really valuable because they have a strengthening and repairing effect, as well as bring relief. They soothe irritations, for example after sunbathing for too long. Milk and yogurt soften callused skin too.


Beauty products from our kitchen are the ones that are rich in ingredients that help our skin or hair. The above-mentioned proteins are the ones. Eggs (egg yolk to be more precise) abound in proteins too. That’s why egg-based masks are a popular treatment for damaged hair, and eggs are more and more common in shampoos. A homemade egg mask is an amazing enhancer which strengthens ruined hair, reduces hair loss and breakage, and slightly thickens and adds volume. It’s good to give it a try and mix it with oils for example.


The list with the best cosmetics from the kitchen must include avocado – a fruit with the highest amount of EFAs, or essential fatty acids, and vitamins (it’s called oil of seven vitamins). A ripe avocado is great to put on your toast but it is also a great base for a face or hair mask.

What effect does it have on skin? Avocados intensively nourish, smooth, add elasticity and ensure long-lasting hydration. What about hair? It works similarly because it gives resilience, smoothness, softness and shine. Avocado prevents loss of moisture and protects against harmful factors such as pollution.

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