Usually those of us who have dark hair dream about lighter hair… and the other way round! What to do when we read all about it how damaging for hair is highlighting? Give up the dream about brighter hair? Not necessary. You can always try natural methods of highlighting, e.g. with lemon oil.


Essential lemon oil has highlighting properties. It can be easily used for highlighting roots, which will gain light reflections, intense gloss and colour will milden and that means that contrast between roots and dye colour will be softer. Similarly will oil behave on the entire hair length, though, it will take more time to see results.


Lemon oil + hair conditioner

This method seems the easiest and the most effective at the same time. Add few drops of essential lemon oil to used by you conditioner or mask before hair wash. The amount of oil depends on you. Prepared this way conditioner apply on hair just like always. The mix of conditioner with oil should be left on for about 15 minutes.

Lemon oil + base oil

This method of highlighting with lemon oil is particularly dedicated for those of you who use hair oils. In this case lemon oil add to the base oil of any type. Such mix you can apply on wet or dry hair. The longer will oil stay on your hair the better for the hair.

Lemon oil + camomile rinse

For women who regularly make camomile rinse good solution will be to add few drops of essential oil to prepared rinse. Do it in exactly same way as usual, with one difference, because essential oils won’t dissolve in water, so before hair rinse mix oils well. The camomile-lemon rinse will visibly highlight your hair.

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