Eyeliner is one of the most popular make-up methods. In this season very fashionable will be colourful and very thick lines drawn along the browridge or finished with a dot. Despite of current trends, professional make-up artists and those who just love make-up gladly come back to the classical cat eye make-up. How to perform this make-up?

Cat eye make-up is a pure classic. Works perfectly with red lipstick, elegant hair and simple dress. Looks very effective, can change the character of our look and add appeal to every woman. However, we must fulfil one condition: perfect make-up depends on the symmetrical lines. Just like those, which Egyptian women wore, among all the Cleopatra herself. We associate this make-up with this great queen. The Egyptian women made the cat eye with kajal, which is natural black colourant. This method of eye make-up is popular to this day. Let’s just begin with how the cat eye make-up should be done.

Start with preparation of the skin. On the entire eyelid apply make-up base and matt or transparent powder. Then make the smokey eye make-up; you can also draw the line directly on the skin without eyeshadow. With black or dark brown eyeliner draw a line on the upper eyelid along the lashes line. The line should be done in the temple direction; and be quite long. Similar line draw on the lower eyelid and connect it with the line on the upper eyelid. The space between them you have to fill. The same thing do in the inner corner of an eye. For the perfect finish apply a layer of mascara.

Instead of eyeliner you can use soft black pencil. This cosmetic is easier to distribute on the skin and blends better with the eye-shadows. If you already master the art of cat eye make-up with the eyeliner then you can try lines with its brocade equivalents. But if the cat eye make-up is still too hard for you, then try putting dots along the lashes line and then connect them with each other. You’ll gain perfectly straight and fashionable line.

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