When you go out to work, meeting or party, you do a make-up and expect it to last for several hours. Unfortunately, the reality is completely different: your skin is shining, eye shadow gathers in the crease and your lipstick is everywhere but not on your lips. Try to do the make-up according to the following tips and you won’t be worrying about it anymore.

Skin is the most important

You should prepare your skin for the make-up in the same way like a painter prepares his/her canvas before painting a picture. Wash your face with the most delicate care cosmetic, use a micellar cleansing water and once a week have a face peeling. Moisturise it with a good moisturising cream and nourish with night cream rich in stimulating ingredients.

Make the pimer your priority

It’s worth investing in good primer (for your face as well as the eyes) bacause it will help your make-up to stay longer. Put on little of it because if you overuse it you will get the opposite effect and your make-up will disappear sooner than you expect. The ideal amount of primer is a pea size.

Apply a cosmetic wisely – that is tap it in

Make-up primer, foundation and powder and even eyeshadow will last longer and you will use less of them if you tap the cosmetics in your face with your fingers,  beauty blenders or a good make-up brush instead of rubbing them against your skin. This way you can avoid creating smudges and small rollers in the crease and you will apply the product evenly and make it blend with your skin.

long-lasting-make-up.jpgThe final corrections

Remember to finish the make-up with face powder-the best for this are transparent, bamboo and rice powders. Try not to touch your skin during the day (any make-up can sufferes by this) and not to put another layers of cosmetics on. Instead, try using the oil blotting tissues. They will leave the make-up untouched and will perfectly mattify your complexion.

Some people like using so-called fixers, that is special cosmetics in spray which are used for making a make-up last longer. They are quite troublesome and they aren’t recommended for everyday use. First of all, they dry the skin, make tiny facial hair more visible and bring about the unpleasant tightening effect and it is difficult to re-make-up after using them. Let’s leave fixers for special occasssions only.

Lipstick that lasts longer

A rule ‘the less the better’ also applies to your lips make-up. Your lipstick will simply vanish from your lips if you put too much of it. If you wish to wear a beautiful colour on your lips press them against a cosmetic tissue. Try to do it in a very delicate and careful way so that your lipstick is still on but its excess not.

It’s enough to know these five basic tips for doing your make-up in order to have a beautiful, long-lasting make-up. Good luck!

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