Make-up on the go happens to be tiresome. Some resign of it entirely, because they do not want to weight skin down in difficult conditions. Others just try to minimise it, but there are also those for whom travel is no limitation. No matter preferences, make-up on the go has its own rules and your cosmetic bag should be completed in such way, so it would not take half of your travel bag. How can you do that?

Packing for holiday trip give many women sleepless nights. As much as travel by car is not as problematic, it is much different with travelling, for instance by plane. After packing up all the necessary clothes, shoes and accessories there is no more space for cosmetic bag with three foundations, full set of brushes and large palette of eye shadows. What cosmetics should you take with you and which should you leave behind? How can you prepare reasonable set of make-up cosmetics for summer get away?

makeuptrevel 1Buy proper cosmetic bag!

Base of successful cosmetic packing is right cosmetic bag. Ergonomic sachet will allow safe pack of all products. You should think about purchase of such cosmetic bag, which will have pigeon holes (then you can keep brushes separately) and padded interior.

Choose colour-coordinated cosmetics!

While packing for vacation, you usually have some exemplary stylisations in mind. That is exactly what you should do with cosmetics as well. If you pack only those which are colour-coordinated with clothes you take, you can limit their number. You do not need red lipstick if you do not plan on going out in the evenings.

Go for multi-tasking!

Multi-purpose products are perfect solution for travels. Instead of base, foundation, concealer and powder take with you, e.g. BB cream, which will effectively replace all these cosmetics. Shimmering eye shadow can be used as a highlighter. There are many possibilities.

makeuptrevelTake care of your nails!

There usually is no time to do your nails while you on the go, and cosmetics for manicure also take some place. Before leaving for vacation cut your nails to comfortable length and try some of permanent manicures, like hybrid or titan.

Protect your make-up!

Durability of make-up is a key matter. By using less cosmetics for corrections you do not need to take them so many, and there will be no necessity of carrying cosmetic set with you on the beach. You should buy some waterproof mascara and oil blotting sheets.

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