Short videos with briefings are ruling Instagram profiles of bloggers, make-up artists and even beauty brands. Among pearls of novelties, which introduce something new to the world of make-up and skin care you can come across some really weird ideas. We welcome you to get to know the most original (and often at the same time really stupid and weird) briefings from the Instagram!

1. Legs/stomach contouring

Face contouring is a popular method of optical improvement of facial features with help of bronzers and highlighters. It more and more often shifts to other parts of the body to highlight some elements and hide other. You can have a blind eye for cleavage contouring, which intends to emphasis breasts and hide eventual imperfections. However, followers of contouring went a step too far by contouring legs and stomach. Is it still a make-up or rather extravagance?

2. Hair curl with sanitary towels

There are many ecological methods of hair stylisation without use of heat. You can use for it rollers, curlers, tissues or even sippers. Each method has its justification and provides different effect. Can you go to far in ecological hair curl? Yes, you can, when instead of roller you use sanitary towels. Hair curl with pantyliner is rather outside the acceptable norms.

3. Application of foundation with a sock

At first were used fingers, then brushes and now the most popular are all kinds of make-up sponges. Nonetheless, Instagram is ruled by method that cannot be classified to any of those techniques. More original people suggest application of foundation with cotton sock rolled-up in a tight ball. This idea might be a little too much.

4. Rubbing brows with an onion

One of properties of fresh onion is hair growth stimulation. Popular are onion rubs, which apparently are very effective at stimulation of hair bulbs. As far as scent of onion will last only till next hair wash, brows-rubbing with fresh onion is rather pointless. Scent is a definite drawback of this method, especially because there are many less freaky, but equally effective substances stimulating hair growth available on the market.

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