Beautiful figure isn’t only slim tights and a flat abdomen. Of great importance is also our backbone therefore, it’s worth taking care of it. In the light of this, if you don’t want to have a stooped posture and deal with backache, take care of your spine every single day. You can do it 24 hours a day!

The good news is that you don’t have to devote extra hours to do exercises and physical activity, although sport is essential, too. However, if you don’t have time to run or do Pilates regularly, do good to your spine in some other way. Here are the ideas that can be implemented straight away. You don’t even need any special equipment to help your backbone stay healthy for longer!


In the Morning | Before you get out of bed, stretch yourself well. Your posture will erect, the bones will become wormed up as you send the signal to your organism that it’s high time to make your osteoarticular system ready. After all, in the morning your bones and joints have an entire day of effort, work and burden to cope with just ahead of them.

Don’t dash to the first free seat during you commuting to work or school. The backbone doesn’t like sitting and feels way better when you stand. If you drive the car, adjust the seat the right way – not too close to the steering wheel, without leaning towards it. Also, try to support your head against the headrest since this also helps at relieving the spine.

If possible, if you don’t need to look smart or if you don’t have any important meeting scheduled, change your high heels into sport shoes. Remember that you can put your high heels into the bag so you can swap the footwear when it’s really necessary. In general, high heels deform foot joints, encourage degeneracy and have negative impact on the lower parts of the spinal column.

In the Afternoon | Pay attention to your chair position, especially if you work at an office, of course. The knees should be placed at the same line as your hips, whereas the elbows should be supported by the desk perpendicularly. Also, do your best to sit straight all the time by clenching your abdominal muscles. Avoid crossing your legs since this poses an additional burden for the backbone and the lymphatic system.

Moreover, try to gift your body with a little bit of movement during your lunchbreak. Take a walk around the building you work in, stand while eating the meal, stretch the muscles. If you have the opportunity, lay yourself on the ground and bend your knees. A few minutes in this position will help to relax your backbone, too.

As much as possible, devote a few minutes to sport once you finish the work. In fact, this is the best moment for physical activity since your body is already warmed up and less prone to injuries. You can choose among visiting a local swimming pool, aerobic, gym or just dance. The truth is, even a pleasant walk in a park will do a tremendous change to your spine.

In the Evening | This is the time when you have to relax. Sit on your balcony, terrace, patio or just at your open window so as to exhale and inhale fresh air deeply. This relaxing exercise will help calm your body down and make the backbone ready for the upcoming night. While finally in bed, try to make the posture as erect as possible and relax the muscles. Obviously, a comfortable mattress is a must.

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