Face wrinkles are like the top enemy of our youthful look. They are even more scary than cellulite or stretch marks, which is probably because of the part of the body they affect… What causes face wrinkles? What types are there? How to minimize them? See facts and myths on face lines you must know.

The occurence of first face lines makes many women start the anti-aging routine. Sadly, it’s too late for prevention.

When do face wrinkles appear?

Face wrinkles come at different ages and this depends on many factors such as genes, lifestyle, diet, habits, diseases.

The changes that you experience after turning:

  • 30: gradual loss of skin’s elasticity, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet (lines in the eye corners).
  • 40: creases from the lip corners to the nose holes, forehead lines, wrinkles between the brows.
  • 50: beginnings of skin sagging, neck lines, saggy cheeks.
  • 60 and older: decline in subcutaneous tissue, which leads to the occurence of visible wrinkles and sagging.

It’s easy to notice that the skin aging process starts more or less after we turn 30. That is why it is usually advised to start the antiaging routine after turning 25 and it really makes sense.

What are the causes of face wrinkles?

We should remember that wrinkles flow from the natural skin aging process. We can’t stop it but, knowing the causes, we can slightly delay it or make it milder.

Depending on the causes, there are two major types of aging.

1. Intrinsic aging which occurs naturally:

  • chronologic aging connected with growing older.
  • genetic aging flowing from the genetic predispositions.
  • menopause-related aging triggered by hormones.

2. Extrinsic aging connected with the external factors:

  • photoaging connected with the exposure to the UV radiation.
  • smoker’s skin – aging caused by the cigarette smoke.
  • sleeping lines caused by the sleeping position.
  • wrinkles caused by diet and drinking little water.

There are also expression lines which are difficult to classify – they are the natural part of the aging process but they are somewhat the consequence of our actions like laughing or making faces when feeling angry or surprised.

How to delay the skin aging and face wrinkles?

This question keeps many women awake at night. Answering the question how to care for aging skin┬áisn’t that simple.

The antiaging routine starts with a diet. What you eat affects how you look. Your skin will be plumper and more elastic if you start providing the body with essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids). So, diet and hydration are the priority. You should also make sure you eat foods rich in antioxidants as they play a key role in antiaging skin-care routine, therefore, antioxidants come second – essential both in foods and beauty products. They neutralize free radicals that harm us and accelerate skin aging.

Thirdly, you can’t forget that anti-aging routine involves using the right face-care products such as:

  • serum based on retinol, or vitamin A
  • face cream rich in coenzyme Q10
  • products containing phytohormones and peptides

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