The popularity of hair oiling makes us wonder whether is it the best method of hair care. What benefits does regular oil hair treatment bring? Why is it considered a better remedy for damaged hair than an ordinary hair conditioner?

Hair oiling is one of the methods of hair care used in the comfort of our own home. Oil-based treatments have yet not been introduced to the beauty salons. Perhaps because hair oiling is some kind of a competition to many other methods of regeneration, for instance, Keratin Treatment, Olaplex, etc. 

Even if we reach for natural oils and apply them to the hair, very often we start to wonder what benefits hair oiling gives. We treat the hair a little blindly, we go astray among many methods of oiling and we often expect effects that even the best hair oil will not provide. The secret of a successful hair care is to tailor it to your needs.

What does hair oiling give?

The secret of how oiling influences the hair lays in the composition of natural oils. Regardless of what plant it is extracted from, every oil contains a  set of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The last ones are divided into saturated and unsaturated fatty acids which volume may differ depending on the oil. Fatty acids are extremely important for hair because: 

• they are part of the natural protective skin layer (water-lipid layer),
• provide a bonding of keratin scales surrounding each hair.

Hair oiling is a way of providing a proper amount of fatty acids to hair in need. Reinforced hydro-lipid layer reduces water loss and prevents from dehydrating. Additionally, it protects from adverse effects of external factors, for instance, solar radiation. What is more, natural oils seal the inner structures of the hair, and help close the scales which makes the hair stronger and regenerated. 

Regular hair oiling is the best way to:

– regenerate and reinforce hair from within, 

– increase hair growth, 

– inhibit hair loss, 

– reducing dandruff and scalp diseases, 

– smoothing frizzy hair, 

– make the hair soft, shiny and sleek, 

– provide additional protection against high temperature and solar radiation.