The sad truth is that eye skin area ages the fastest. More worryingly, eye skin is delicate and thin so every time you have a late or sleepless night, the skin will show it. Luckily, there are a few foolproof tricks that will help you take good care of this problematic skin area. Finally, you can forget puffiness and dark circles! In a moment we will give you the ideas for dealing with crow’s feet and brighter eye skin.

Common causes of puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet include

  • Lack of sleep, or sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress
  • Falling asleep late at night and waking up early
  • Watching TV until late hours
  • UV rays
  • Urban pollution
  • Using wrong technique of makeup removal
  • Using wrong skincare products
  • Cigarette smoking and abuse of other drugs
  • Stress

Dark circles

It’s not always the lack of sleep that leads to dark circles. Sometimes the capillaries are located not deep enough so they see through the eye skin. No matter the cause, there are a few ways to reduce the dark circles. Look for products responsible for brightening the skin. In most cases such skincare products are formulated with vitamin C, which should be delivered to your eye skin daily (e.g. creams) as well as in weekly treatments (e.g. serum).

Crow’s feet

If you saw fine lines surrounding your eyes, you should put your trust in the power of peptides, stem cells and vegetable oils combined with caffeine. When used regularly, these substances have the capabilities to reduce wrinkles and leave the skin smoother, making it slightly more supple. It’s also a good idea to give retinol and coenzyme Q10 a try.

Eye puffiness

This skin concern is often genetic, but most often mild swelling is the consequence either of exhaustion or bad eating habits (mainly salt-rich food). Puffy eyes may be also the result of too much water in your body. No matter the cause, you can reduce puffiness with products formulated with caffeine that boost circulation. Another great idea is putting on two cool slices of cucumber. Let them sit on your closed eyes for 5 minutes. This should be enough to reveal smoother and brighter eye skin.

Eye bags

Saggy eye skin, commonly known as eye bags, is caused by the lymph settling beneath the eye skin. Even though it may sound problematic, getting rid of this skin concern doesn’t cause much problems. Try giving your eye skin some massage to help the lymph flow further. This is how the problem should be dealt with. If you don’t want to use your fingers, you can try a jade roller. Put it into a fridge to let it cool down and then start gliding it over your eye skin, from the inner eye corner to the outer.

Extra info

Are you looking for ingredients that will boost circulation in eye skin? Try caffeine, ginkgo biloba, ginger extract. It’s also suggested checking the levels of K, A, C and E vitamins in your blood. Finally, eye bags, puffiness and dark circles are the sign of chronic fatigue, meaning that you need to rest often to reduce these skin concerns.