eyelash clusters

Beautiful and defined lashes are every woman’s dream. Ladies are eager to experiment with a variety of cosmetics that are supposed to ensure stunning results. Rarely, however, they do the work. It turns out that DIY Lash Extensions can be one of the best solutions to get luscious lashes!

At-home lash extensions – who is this a good solution for?

Can you get lash extensions at home? Many women may approach this topic with caution. Usually, women place more confidence in their lash artists and eagerly put themselves in their hands. However, it can be quite inconvenient to spend several hours in a chair, as well as to find time for an appointment.

That’s why you should consider getting DIY Eyelash Extensions using cluster lashes from Nanolash. This innovative product from Nanolash can transform your whole look in just 10 minutes.

These false lash clusters for self-application are special because they are:

  • light – wearing them is practically imperceptible;
  • soft – they do not cause irritation or discomfort;
  • the thin strip allows you to cleverly hide the joints;

DIY Lash Extensions are created with every woman in mind. Thse cluster lashes work well for ladies who hope to temporarily change their lash look, but also for women who do not want to opt for a more permanent change.

Lash extensions by yourself at home are a great solution for busy women who don’t want to waste time and money on regular appointments with a beautician.

eyelash clusters

DIY Eyelash Extensions – a kit or a single box

Cluster lashes for DIY Eyelash Extensions are one product that comes in multiple versions. Ladies can opt to buy a single pack of clusters. The case contains 36 cluster lashes in 8 different styles to choose from. Each pack contains 3 lengths of lashes: 10, 12, and 14 mm. This allows for both delicate styling and full-volume lashes. It is also possible to purchase a complete lash extension kit from Nanolash. The kit contains:

  • a bonder – this is a special glue that allows you to apply the lashes. It gains full tackiness after about 30-60 seconds;
  • a remover – the product allows you to quickly and effortlessly remove the clusters;
  • a sealer – removes the sticky layer from the bonder;
  • stainless steel lash applicator – allows you to precisely grab and apply the false lash clusters.

All products come in efficient sizes and should last for a long time.

How to use DIY cluster lashes from Nanolash?

DIY Eyelash Extensions are designed for self-application at home. It takes only 10 minutes to apply them. These ready-made cluster lashes are designed for both home and professional use. No woman should have any problems with the application.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should:

  • clean the eyelashes from any makeup residues and dry them well;
  • apply Nanolash bonder and wait for it to obtain full tackiness;
  • apply the selected cluster about 1 mm away from the lash line;
  • apply the sealer to get rid of the sticky layer.

About 4-5 clusters are used per one application. This means that the whole case is enough for 4 applications!

eyelash clusters

Cluster lashes from Nanolash – summary

At-home lash extensions are a premium product that is sure not to disappoint any woman. It only takes 10 minutes to apply these luxury lash clusters, and they can last for up to 5 days.

In addition, these DIY cluster lashes are lightweight and imperceptible on the eye. They perfectly mimic natural eyelashes and allow you to try out different lash looks. You can choose from 10 or 12 mm to create a natural look. In turn, 14 mm false lashes allow you to achieve a Hollywood Volume effect.

Thanks to the ready-made cluster lashes from Nanolash, you can transform your look in just 10 minutes effortlessly.