The summer is within sight. Hot sun, wonderful weather and longer days make us spend more time outside. If you are for taking long sunbathes or swimming in the ocean, you should learn facts and myths concerning UV protection. Find out how to get sun-kissed skin safely.


Some people believe that UVB radiation is more dangerous for humans than UVA radiation. As it turns out, both kinds of solar radiation have comparable destructive effect onto our skin and eyes. UVA and UVB radiations are able to reach the deepest skin layers, often causing the irreversible consequences. Once we overexpose our skin to the sun, our body might become covered with sunburns, discolouration’s, wrinkles and even new growths. Therefore, if you want to avoid epidermis damages, apply sunscreens. However, keep in mind that the number that stands next to the SPF abbreviation only applies to UVB radiation. The truth is, the majority of sun rays which reach the Earth is categorised as UVA radiation (it’s approximately 95% of the total radiation).

Solarium vs. the Sun

Is solarium safer than the sun? It turns out that not necessarily. As many people have already noticed, the sun provides a better-looking suntan, is more delicate to dermis and encourages production of vitamin D. The truth is, lamps installed into a solar bed deliver more harmful radiation than natural UVA radiation. Moreover, very long and frequent sunbathing under the artificial rays, especially without being covered with sunscreens, can lead to skin cells distortion, which might have its consequence in development of skin cancer.

Kids & Adults vs. the Sun

It’s true that children’s skin and eyes are more prone to the UV radiation than adult’s. The echoes of the sunburns and other ‘latent’ damages that we acquired while being a kid, can come around much later in the form of cancer or changes in our skin cell’s DNA. Do you know that we absorb over half of total solar radiation before we turn 20? Therefore, it’s crucial to protect eyes and skin with appropriate sunglasses and creams containing high sun protection filters.

Perfumes & Make-Up vs. the Sun

Alcohol included in the perfumes and some substances that cosmetics are made from can lead to dermis and epidermis damages, obviously, when exposed to UV radiation. Extreme body reactions include photoallergies and various photosynthetic reactions. In most cases, skin irritations are supressed within a week, yet in some situtaions, the permanent skin changes may develop.

Eyes vs. the Sun

Lack of eye protection against UV radiation can lead to serious afflictions. For that reason, it’s super important to wear sunglasses featuring UV filters. Avoid sunglasses of the questionable quality – behind the dark lens your pupil enlarges automatically and lets UVA and UVB radiation in. If you have a vision defect, you can ask an optician to help you find one of the modern, progressive spectacle lenses.

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