Endorphins are hormones responsible for our good mood, mental comfort and happiness. They are secreted during physical activity, after eating a few pieces of chocolate or spicy seasoning, during sunbathing and even when we sleep. What’s interesting, the level of endorphins is increased during some cosmetic treatments, too. If you want a good mood to strike you and to have beautiful skin at the same time, give a try to some of the treatments.

Care and Relaxing Treatments

There are treatments that do more than just influence condition of the skin positively. Also, they can lift our spirits and encourage our body to produce greater amounts of endorphins. The most profound effects are produced by longer treatments that are divided into stages. The first one to enumerate is peeling that removes dead cells, cleanses skin pores, smooths wrinkles and highlights skin discolourations. This treatment requires using the cosmetics with abrasive particles and substances responsible for removing callous epidermis. Once the skin is smoothed, a mask and a specialistic preparation is applied; the one including aromatic substances. The body is wrapped with foil and exposed to the action of the healing lightening. Thanks to the light, more nourishing substances are able to penetrate the skin. The entire treatment takes place in a SPA capsule where you can relax surrounded by music, special light and aromatic cosmetics.

Aromas That Pamper and Relax

Certainly, during various cosmetic treatments many aromatic products and substances are used. One of them is chocolate. Not only does it encourage endorphins production and smells beautifully but also it has healing and beautifying action. Do you know that chocolate is able to slim, firm and smooth skin? Moreover, it has nourishing, regenerative, blood circulation stimulating, and delaying ageing processes features? What might seem appealing, chocolate treatment can be enriched with red wine. This drink delivers anti-oxygenating, warming-up and relaxing action. If we want to highlight discolorations and deliver gloss to our skin, we can combine the treatment with particles of gold.

Healing and Relaxing Massage

Highly positive regenerative action is also delivered by hot stones. During this treatment pieces of volcanic rocks are used. They need to be warmed-up so they have the proper temperature to release the healing warmth when become in contact with skin. The stones have smooth surface and oval shape; they are put along the backbone, on palms and feet. How do they work? They stimulate blood vessels to enlarge which leads to improved blood circulation. Also, they relieve muscle tension and pains of various kinds and sources. Moreover, hot stones are able to make body skin more supple and when accompanied with essential oils, they relax the entire nervous system.

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