Each one of us wants to take the best care of face skin. We apply ecological cosmetics, visit SPA, subject ourselves to various beautifying treatments. But is it really what our skin needs?

Expensive does not always mean best

It is a common belief that expensive cosmetics have better properties. Wrong! Price is not what decides about effectiveness of a given product, but its composition is. The more natural ingredients the better properties of cream, balm or shampoo. If you care about professional skin care you should invest in native, pharmacy or natural cosmetics. Those products prevent given skin problem and additionally condition and heal skin.

One cream is not enough for skin care of face, neck and cleavage

Cream you use for skin care of face will nourish also skin of neck and cleavage. Currently, cosmetic market is filled with cosmetics dedicated for various parts of body. Remember that skin around eye will need much different nourishing ingredients. Why? Because this part of face is very delicate and fragile. Choose gels and creams with light consistency and with content of oxygenating substances. In the composition of products dedicated for skin care around eyes should be, among many: camomile, junebug, vitamin C. Avoid cosmetics with content of fragrances, because those can cause irritations.

care of face skin  1Do not use soap for make-up removal

For removal of cosmetic use recommended for it preparations. Best are bi-phased make-up remover, cleansing milk or micellar water. Those cosmetics have pH close to pH of skin, thoroughly remove make-up and impurities from pores, refresh and moisturise skin of face. You should not perform make-up removal with an average soap. It can damage protective skin barrier and dry skin. Soaps are dedicated for skin care of the body.

Tighten and prickling skin needs moisture

If you think that tightened and prickling skin is a clean skin, then your wrong. Feeling of discomfort appearing after face wash means that skin is dry and irritated. It is probably result of use too aggressive product. Apply some moisturising cream or just change cosmetics you use for face wash for some more mild.

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