highlighting foam strips

Colorcuts is a brand that has released foam strips for hair coloring and highlighting – Highlighting Foam Strips. The product comes from Malta and is made from the highest-grade polystyrene foam. We guess it may be a game-changer for multiple colorization and a hip in your hair salon!

What makes Highlighting Foam Strips a great choice?

First and foremost, you’ll save money! They’re eco-friendly, fully biodegradable, and can be reused many times. You just wash them and use them again. Each strip is reusable. What’s more they’re extremely comfortable to use: ready to go, pre-cut, long enough, and packed in a handy box. You can take out each strip quickly so the whole procedure will take moments. Because Colorcuts foams maintain heat, they cut the color development time in half, which means you can take more clients during the day!

What does it mean that Highlighting Foam Strips are eco-friendly?

Foam which is used for production of the Colorcuts strips is fully biodegradable and ecological. Even after using the strips up, you won’t be cluttering the world with more plastic! It’s great news if you’re into eco-friendly and zero-waste ideas – you don’t throw the strip away after just one use. Just wash it and use it again. Beside eco-friendliness, it means one box of the foams will go a long way.

highlighting foam strips

ColorCuts foam strips are comfortable to use

You’re probably fed up with wrapping aluminum foils around the strands and folding the edges which takes like forever… It’s a nightmare: aluminum has a slippery surface which makes application of color from the very roots very tricky. Highlighting Foam Strips are totally different. All you do is place a strip under a hair section, apply the color or bleach and fold the strip so the two halves stick together! The Colorcuts foams cling to the hair firmly – from the roots near the scalp. When it comes to the colors of the foams, they’re not made colorful only to look eye-pleasing – different colors of strips will help you do multiple colors, marking them so they don’t blend together.

Care for your clients’ hair and comfort

Highlighting Foam Strips maintain the same temperature so there’s no risk of overheating and causing damage to hair while highlighting and bleaching. The hair is actually in better shape and the coloring effect is nicer. At the same time, the foams are very light and don’t cause any feeling of discomfort or pulling. Plus they don’t make the swishing sound. Your clients will appreciate that for sure.

Highlighting Foam Strips from ColorCuts – reviews

Many salons globally have already added Highlighting Foam Strips to their tool kits. The accessories are rated well for making clients’ feel comfortable, easy application, cutting procedure time in half, and being eco-friendly, which is extremely important these days. Also you can improve your clients’ experience and take care of the environment at the same time. Try Colorcuts – game-changer for your salon! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.