Each hair type needs a different kind of care. Lack of right cosmetics, the way we wash or comb our hair may lead to worsening of the hair condition and in effect cause hair loss, dryness and brittle hair. What is more, damaged hair are more tractable for chemical and mechanical damage, sun radiation and pollution that may enter through raised cuticles of the hair. Haircare cosmetics must be adjusted to the type of hair and its needs. How to do that?

Before you go to the chemist’s you need to know that dermatologists as well as hair stylists enlist few types of hair.

  • hair-types.jpgNormal hair is what we all want. Very often they are called healthy hair. You have normal hair when you need to wash them every two or three days and hair are light, soft and flexible. The cuticles of hair tightly abut to roots and streaks are smooth and have natural glow.
  • Oily hair are difficult in maintains. You should wash your hair every day to rinse the layer of sebum to which may attach dust and dirt. Oily hair are a result of incorrect work of sebaceous glands. So when you go to the dermatologist or chemist’s ask about specialistic shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dry hair only seem to be clean and well-taken care of. But actually they are matt, brittle and thin. They electrify and have no lipid barrier, because of fast moisture deprivation and are tractable for damage.
  • Mixed hair are a combination of oily (at roots) and dry (at ends) hair. They are quite difficult in maintains, because you need to choose cosmetics that will limit sebum secretion but also moisturise your hair.
  • Dandruff hair are very unaesthetic, and to resolve the problem you may buy some specialistic product from chemist’s or subscribed by dermatologist. Dandruff develops because of improper work of sebaceous glands or bacteria and fungus poliferation.
  • Dyed and damaged hair need moisturising, because they are dry, brittle and have split ends. Through raised cuticles of the hair gets in pollution, which worsens hair condition.

Fortunately, for each type of hair you can choose right cosmetic. You will need: shampoo, conditioner, serum and lotion or oil. Cosmetics shouldn’t contain: parabens, colourants, SLS, silicones or other substances, which might clog sebaceous glands, cause irritations or lead to streaks’ dryness. Good for your hair will be vegetable and herbal oils, minerals and cosmetic oils. The most effective are: nettle, camomile, zinc, Argan oil, Aloe Vera, burdock or tea tree extract. Equally important is a way you take care of your hair. During hair wash you can perform relaxing massage and to rinse shampoo use cool water. Right after conditioner application put on a plastic cap or towel to fasten absorption of nutrients.

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