Concealer, blusher and highlighter – these are just a few cosmetics that correct and shape facial features. Find out which make-up suits the shape of your face. Learn how to contour the face so as to look beautiful and trendy.


The characteristic feature of this kind of face is a high and wide forehead. In order to even the face’s proportions, you have to optically make your biggest face parts smaller. Therefore, take a bronzer and distribute is along your hair root line, temples and area located under cheekbones. When it comes to the blusher, apply it in 2 cm distance from your nose. Distribute the cosmetic using a thin layer heading ears. And how to use a highlighter? Apply it in the following places: along nasal bridge, the upper part of cheeks, under eyebrow arch and jaw.



Skilfully applied make-up can make the face more round and smooth facial features. Use a bronzer to apply it to jaw, temples and the skin under cheekbones. Now, use a blusher and put it in the middle of your cheeks and head towards temples. Apply these two products at angle. In this way, you will create an illusion of a face of ideal proportions. At the end, reach for a highlighter. Sweep you temples delicately with the product and proceed with applying it to eye skin area and a part of the jaw – you should obtain the shape of moon.


Oblong and slender face has to be made a little bit widened by applying proper cosmetics to the middle part of it. Put a blusher on cheeks and smear it delicately towards ears. It’s highly important for you to do it horizontally since only this way enables you to widen the face optically. Now, it’s time for a bronzer; apply it along the hair line, under cheekbones, along chin and jaw. When you finish, reach for a highlighter and put it on the places that need to be brought out, which are Cupidin’s bow, upper parts of cheeks, brow bones and the tip of nose. Shimmering cosmetics applied to forehead and chin will extend your face optically.


In order to fix round face proportions, reach for a bronzer and apply it to all the ‘bulgy’ places. These are temples, jaw, chin, forehead and skin located under cheekbones. Remember to apply the cosmetic heading ears and slightly downwards. Also, don’t forget about a highlighter. Apply it on bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead, under brow bones, on cheekbones, above the upper lip and in the middle of the chin. In this way, you will focus the attention of others to the middle of your face.

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