Lilash is an eyelash serum that takes the next place in the ranking. This is a product chosen by those whose eyelashes are not particularly noticeable and which require treatment with a conditioning beauty product - it maintains hydration, nourishes and enhances lash colour. What are other things you should know about Lilash?


In terms of eyelash serum, Lilash offers a pretty regular list of ingredients. It reinforces and conditions lash hairs thanks to well-selected ingredients among which there are also intensively stimulating substances. Even though not all ingredients have plant origins, Lilash contains almond extract which is responsible for nourishing and relieving possible irritations.


What are the effects of Lilash eyelash serum? Mostly, they depend on your susceptibility to the substances the serum is made up of - not everyone will notice the exact same outcomes. In most cases though, Lilash:

  • reduces the problem of excessive lash loss.
  • strengthens and improves elasticity of lashes.
  • maintains adequate hydration levels.
  • enhances natural lash colour.
  • may slightly accelerate lash growth.


When it comes to using Lilash, reportedly, the application does not cause any problems due to the convenient applicator. What is important though is that you cannot apply Lilash unless you remove makeup thoroughly. Once the skin around your eyes is clean and dry, you can spread a thin line of the serum along the eyelash roots and wait until the product absorbs. Daily lash conditioning with Lilash does lead to improvement, but in order to achieve noticeable results it is suggested that you think about purchasing a better product.

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