If Mother Nature wasn’t generous for you and didn’t gave you thick and expressive eyebrows, you have nothing to worry about. You maybe unaware of how many thickening, reconstructive and complementary methods for eyebrows exist. See for yourself, how can you restore beautiful and natural eye frame.

The most common way to thicken eyebrows is use of conditioner. Such cosmetic stimulates hair to grow on their entire length, strengthens follicles, nourishes, regenerates and darkens colour. Extremely important is right application of conditioner. Product should be applied everyday on clean skin till moment you achieve satisfactory effects. Similar function has castor oil. Before application, you can heat cosmetic up a bit, so it would be easier in application. Be careful, so that product wouldn’t get to eye, because it can cause irritation. In extreme cases castor oil can cause hair loss of eyebrows (also lashes and hair).

Beautiful and thick eyebrows have to be regulated. Hair should fall into place in an soft arc, where two of its parts rise and one falls. Remove only those hair, which stick out too much or grow below brow ridge; hair above the brow ridge shouldn’t be removed. How to determine right shape of eyebrows? Take black pencil you usually use for eye make-up and hold it against side of nose, then put a dot above eye – that is where brow ridge should start. From the same placement of pencil determine end of eyebrow – put a dot on the external corner of the eye. Now you just have to determine crease of eyebrow. Put pencil in the same place and on the external side of iris put a dot. Remove all the necessary hair.

Make-up can also help with obtaining thicker eyebrows as well. Apply henna to cover grey hair, but remember to follow directions from attached flyer. By using eyebrow pencil or shade, you can thicken hair and give them right shape. Similar effect will bring permanent make-up made by professional in the beauty parlour. In all cases, colour of henna, pencil, shade and colourant should be matched with our complexion and hair colour.

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