Thick, expressive, bent in an arc or straight and thin. What sort of brows suit you? Shape, thickness and length of eyebrows is very important. Why? Because eyebrows make natural frame of our face and determine its appearance. Let’s see how to regulate brows, so they match shape of our face.

Oval face is considered by make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists to be ideal. It does not need contouring, every hair style goes well with it as is make-up. But what about eyebrows? Should you leave them the way they are? Not necessary. You can slightly trim them. Eyebrows should be thick and full, narrowing toward outer eye corner. For oval face perfect are brows, which are bent up. Round face needs slim down. Helpful here can be proper eyebrows regulation. Eyebrows firmly bent upwards will optically narrow cheeks. The drooping tip of eyebrow should be thin and arc sharp and firmly marked. Such treatment will make eyes seem bigger. It can be also great shape for people with hooded eyelids.

Facial features of square face need some ease. So, brows should be slightly bent with no expressive arc. Thanks to proper regulation, face will seem slimmer and less angular. Level of how brows should be rounded, depends on the jaw line. The more expressive jaw the more bent should eyebrows be. For heart shaped face best are mild and a bit rounded eyebrows. This way pointy chin becomes less visible. Short brows with small arc will make long face optically smaller. If you correctly regulate bows, you can achieve effect similar to the one with oval face.

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