If your hair is thin, weak and prone to falling out, it’s high time you found the right product which is going to turn your hairdo around. Khadi hair growth oil, infused with natural ingredients, is one of such products. Check how it works and how to use it for the best effects.

Khadi Oil – best for…

Khadi Oil is intended for all hair types, no matter the colour, length and density. The product is ideal if you face up to pre-mature hair loss or greying, too. It is an excellent treatment for dandruff and other scalp conditions. Khadi Oil is also recommended for men who lose their hair due to too much testosterone or genes.

How does Khadi Oil work?

Khadi Oil is universal, caring for hair and scalp. It stimulates faster hair growth, prevents thinning, strengthens the bulbs, helps to treat dandruff, blocks pre-mature greying. Thanks to Khadi Oil, hair is stronger and more resistant to the action of external damaging factors. Hair ends aren’t splitting and are less prone to damage caused by brushing or heat-styling. What’s more, Khadi delivers hair elasticity, shine, smoothness and moisture. Styling and brushing routine is easier and runs smoothly.

What are the ingredients of Khadi?

Khadi Oil contains Ayurvedic herbs, essential oils and carrier oils, including:

  • sesame oil – nourishes hair throughout its length and penetrates the hair shaft;
  • coconut oil – delivers lots of nutrients;
  • castor oil – stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning;
  • Amla – adds shine, eliminates dandruff, hinders pre-mature greying and baldness;
  • Bala – strengthens the hair;
  • rosemary oil – has antiseptic properties, prevents dandruff and skin infections;
  • Bhringraj – nourishes both scalp and hair, prevents hair thinning and greying, keeps hair ends from splitting, makes styling easier;
  • Brahmi – makes hair elastic and more manageable;
  • carrot seed oil – provides lots of nourishing substances.

How to use Khadi Oil?

You apply Khadi Oil to hair and scalp. Match the amount to the length and density of your hair. One tablespoon is usually enough for long hair. Massage the oil into the scalp and leave it in for two or three hours. Next, wash your hair with a shampoo. For better results, leave the oil overnight and wash your hair precisely in the morning. Use the product twice or three times a week. First effects are visible after around a month. Khadi has a semi-fluid consistency and a characteristic scent.

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