Very fashionable lately became eyebrows make-up and modelling. In social media come up lots of pictures of so called microblading. It is a kind of permanent make-up, which gives an amazing effects of natural make-up. However, it is also very expensive, long and sometimes painful procedure. We can use a special eyebrow shadows as well and then apply on it a colourless gel. For this we will need a tiny comb to comb out the hair. In the mean time we can trim the longest hair, which do not want to co-operate. However, all you will need is an eyebrow pencil. Remember that the lines you’ll draw will imitate your natural eyebrows. It means that the pencil has to be in the colour of your eyebrows and new lines should be drawn according with the hair growth. It is also important to not overdo the shape of the brow ridge – it cannot look like a thin, bended upwards line.

There is yet another pencil you should have in your bag, i.e. eye pencil. With this cosmetic you will do the eye make-up faster than with loose or gel eye shadows. All you need is an elegant line along the eyelashes line to gain interesting and beautiful eye make-up. The shade of the pencil match with the colour of your eyes or choose the pencil that is entirely different than your eyes colour. There are many ways for the eye make-up. The easiest and the most popular eye make-up is classical black line with a “tail”. Though, this summer very fashionable will be colourful, brocade and thick lines drawn underneath the brow ridge. Will you dare for something like that?

The cosmetic without which the make-up just cannot be is mascara. It improves the appearance of short, light and not so thick lashes. We can choose out of several colours but the most popular is of course black mascara. Other available shades are: pink, brown, blue, green and violet. To create beautiful eye make-up, you need to know how to put on mascara properly. The easiest way is to apply mascara in a so called zig-zag movement. The ends of the lashes and lower eyelid lashes you can paint with the tip of the brush. During eye make-up you need to remember about few rules. First of all, remember that dry residues shouldn’t gather on the brush, because it will ruin the final effect of the make-up. Secondly, if you plan on applying few layers of the mascara then wait until the first dries before application of the next one. Thirdly, choose a brush with bristle that will allow you to achieve the perfect outcome.

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