There is plenty of women who are dogged by the same problem, which is hair getting static right after combing. If you can relate to this headache, if you aren’t able to tame this unruly hair of yours then keep reading the article to find the solution. Good luck!


In general, hair that gets static during combing isn’t moisturised the right way. Lucky enough, there are fast and simple methods thanks to which you’ll regenerate your strands. Suffice it is to apply an emollient hair mask. Such a cosmetic doesn’t only smooth and deliver gloss to hair but also keeps the right level of moisture in all hair shaft structures. Moreover, to reduce the effect that static has on your hair, it’s advised to humidify the air in the room you spend most of the time in.


Yes, you’ve got this right. You can limit hair static thanks to washing your clothes in the right fabric softener. Such a chemical compound has antistatic and softening action. As a consequence, hair that is in contact with a properly washed clothes won’t be exposed to dehydration nor getting frizzy.



If your hair gets static despite you following the above-mentioned pieces of advice, it’s suggested washing all your combs and brushes with a shampoo or just replace them with new ones. In most cases, cleaning your hair detangling tools once a week is enough. Basically, it’s advised to cleanse plastic combs with a toothbrush whereas the combs made from wild boar fur or synthetic materials – by rubbing them against another brush. Another worth mentioning idea is cleaning combs and brushes with a vinegar wash (1 or 2 spoons of vinegar per 1 litre of water). Such a mixture has anti-septic and anti-static action.


Finally, if you enter any drug store, you will find there plenty of antistatic hair masks. Such cosmetics contain so-called antistatic agents (Cetrimonium Chloride or Behentrimonium Chloride). The substances that counteract static and frizz of hair are also fatty acids and oils (simple emollients).

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