Another product listed in this ranking is Dabalash eyelash serum. This is the right cosmetic for those who are used to systematic and daily eyelash care. Furthermore, this cosmetic maintains adequate levels of hydration and nourishment; also, it reinforces lash roots. What else should be known about Dabalash?


First of all, this product has a non-overburdening and a well-absorbed composition. What Dabalash eyelash serum contains is a substance responsible for accelerating lash growth - which needs time to work as expected - and keratin which is a natural constituent of lashes. However, the composition is mostly made up of conditioning substances that supply eyelashes with essential vitamins and minerals.


Dabalash eyelash serum takes care of lashes, yet the visible results do not appear instantly. This a slow manner of delivering effects does not bother many since regeneration and reinforcement of lashes always takes some time. The most important though is that with the regular application of Dabalash, you can expect:

  • increased lash elasticity.
  • reinforcement of follicles and thickening of lashes.
  • enhancement of natural shine and colour.
  • slight lash extension.


When it comes to application of Dabalash, the use of this eyelash serum is not complicated but, in fact, this is the advantage shared by most popular lash serums. However, there are two rules to follow: it must be applied only after performing complete makeup removal and you have to be careful to prevent the product from getting into the eyes.

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