Scrolling down, we get to the Quickmax eyelash serum. This is an offer for those who care about maintaining the good health of their eyelashes, yet they do not necessarily count on lash extensions or volume boosters. The truth is, this eyelash serum has a decent composition which is why it takes a few weeks for the serum to add moisture, nourish and make lashes more elastic. What are the benefits of using this serum?


The main ingredient in Quickmax is a special enzyme that, in theory, is responsible for stimulating eyelash growth. However, this is not all: this serum also contains moisturising substances and less necessary synthetic fragrances and preservatives. This is not an all-natural composition.


This is a product that helps to keep eyelashes well-nourished and replenished with water, yet not every user will achieve the ‘wow’ effect and a significant improvement in lash appearance. After regular application, Quickmax eyelash serum:

  • moisturises eyelashes and eyelids.
  • reinforces and nourishes eyelashes.
  • protects lashes against damage.
  • intensifies colour and shine.
  • restores good health to eyelashes.


Quickmax eyelash serum is a watery gel that comes with a thin brush. Both elements facilitate applying the serum; it is really easy to use. All you have to do is spread it along the eyelash root line, which should be proceeded by cleansing the face and carrying out full makeup removal. Sometimes, yet rarely, two layers of Quickmax serum must be applied when the applicator fails in picking up the right amount.

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