The next product is Rapidlash eyelash serum, which comes slightly further down the list. Being fairly effective in conditioning weakened eyelashes, it does not, however, offer an alternative to mascara. Despite this, Rapidlash makes a good choice for those who expect a serum to deliver mainly nourishing and moisturising effects.

What should you know about Rapidlash and its properties?


Rapidlash focuses its action on a particular problem - therefore, if your eyelashes are damaged, the serum will regenerate and strengthen them rather than extend or thicken. For that reason, this product works better for those people whose lashes require regeneration. If you use Rapidlash regularly, it:

  • maintains adequate hydration levels.
  • nourishes from root to tip.
  • enhances colour, curve and shine.
  • regenerates, providing that the lashes are in bad condition.
  • may reduce lash loss problems.

Are these properties that make Rapidlash a product worth buying? This is an individual issue but it is wise to realise that this eyelash serum does not offer a full range of possibilities.


The key ingredients in Rapidlash eyelash serum are peptides, which are reinforcing substances. They are responsible for the regenerating properties of this serum. Apart from them, the formula includes plant extracts such as pumpkin seed extract. The composition is fairly diversified.


In terms of application, Rapidlash eyelash serum is not that troublesome. In other words, you will not spend hours in front of a mirror because application occupies less than a few minutes. It is really simple - you remove makeup, put the serum on the eyelash root line and wait until it absorbs.


Rapidlash found its place in the ranking of the best eyelash serums mainly because of its popularity. However, the truth is that you can get similar products that deliver better results for the same price. Moreover, Rapidlash is available in a regular size, which is 3 ml, that should last for a few months - although this may vary due to the way in which you apply the serum.

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