You can endlessly write about the use and benefits of Argan oil. Nowadays, it is the most popular cosmetic ingredient available. It is praised for its hair regenerating abilities, the wealth of omega acids and valuable vitamins. How to use Argan oil to make the best of it?

Health-promoting properties of Argan oil should be known to almost every women who believe in natural care. Argan oil is one of the most precious and most often used substances that nourish, strengthen and protect. It can be used in a variety of ways – as an additive to other cosmetics, or on its own. It is definitely worth learning more about this beneficial substance. 

What does Argan oil contain?

First and foremost, Argan oil is the wealth of omega fatty acids. In a cold-pressed oil, you will find about 45% oleic acid, 28-36% linoleic acid, 10-15% palmitic acid and 5-7% stearic acid. What does it mean? Argan oil is able to restore and strengthen weaken hydro-lipid layer of our skin and its deeper parts. 

This is not all that Argan oil has to offer. It is a substance with strong antioxidising properties, thanks to the vitamin E content. It also contains natural squalane – a very important component of human sebum. 


The content of nutrients translates into the action. Argan oil is, without a doubt, the best aid for dull, damaged and often styled hair. It provides general enhancement – prevents dehydrating and split ends, restores natural shine, deeply regenerates, reduces frizz and protects from harmful effects of high temperature. 

Hw to use Argan oil? Even though it is easily washed and is a very weightless substance, it is better to choose it as an ingredient of ready-made oil blends. Combined with other oils matched to particular hair porosities, will work wonders.